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Sex Station
(Sex Station TV)
Sex station tv logo.jpg
Programme logo, 2007
Starring Various
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
Picture format sajad ali Don me love you so much
Original release 2006 – Present
Preceded by Live XXX TV
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Sex Station is a British pornographic televised sex line broadcast 24 hours a day on their website. It was previously a television program airing on Sky Digital at nights on Lucky Star (Sky 910) and Live XXX, beginning in 2006.


LiveXXX was previously a channel in Sky's Adult section, which ran free-to-air for up to 2½ hours (9pm-11.30pm) before becoming encrypted.

Gradually (between March and June 2006), LiveXXX became Sex Station, and moved from channel no 995 to 943 (possibly on 28 February 2006, the same day Babestation was moved). By July 2006, LiveXXX had been removed from ch 943.[1] In late 2006 Sex Station's 'sister programme' XXX 4 U began on You TV 2 (ch 913[2]) and You TV 2 Extra (ch 914[2]), but these closed in 2007. Normally these would include presenters from Sex Station (or the same feed).


Sex Station was a free-to-air programme that ran from 9pm to approximately 5:30am each night. Viewers were encouraged to call a premium-rate telephone number and have a sexually-explicit conversation with a female presenter on-screen - these were not usually heard by the viewers. Viewers also sent text messages and camera phone pictures of themselves.

In general, the presenters of LiveXXX remained on Sex Station; the only major change was the name and the explicitness of the content. At first, Sex Station's studio was red and black, with a television behind the presenters and the girls sitting on a red plastic/rubber cover, but in 2006 the studio was changed to include a new set and neon sign.[3] Background music included "Sex (Show Us What You Got, Girl)" and "Your Lips".


As of 2013, the only remaining "Sex Station" shows are now online.[4]

The official website,,[5] was redesigned in 2007[6] to include photo galleries and video of Sex Station's presenters, as well as a webcam section (these are all only for subscribers).

Sex Station also had a channel of free video content (under the name "XXX4U") on Sumo TV.[7]

Sex Station also launched a 'hardcore' web show, 7 days a week between 11:00 and 05:30, since June 2008. As of February 2011, the running time had been expanded to a 24-hour continual broadcast, on,[4] where there were three "Sex Station" streams in December 2013.

Porn Star Diaries[edit]

Porn Star Diaries was a one-off 30-minute documentary made by Sex Station's producers in 2006, featuring interviews with three female porn stars including Nina Roberts and Bobbi Eden, who then did a lesbian softcore photoshoot together. The interviewees talked about their careers (how they began in porn) and the porn industry generally.

This was broadcast in a 3-hour block at nights on "You TV" (ch 146,[8] which became Sumo TV ch 879[9][10]), alternating with Babestation's Meet the Babes. (A re-edited version of Bobbi Eden's interview had also been put online by Sex Station in 2007 on[7][11])

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