Plaza of the Americas (Gainesville, Florida)

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Plaza of the Americas
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CampusUniversity of Florida
Plaza of the Americas
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Looking north across the plaza, towards Library West
Plaza of the Americas (Gainesville, Florida) is located in Florida
Plaza of the Americas (Gainesville, Florida)
Plaza of the Americas (Gainesville, Florida) is located in the United States
Plaza of the Americas (Gainesville, Florida)
Coordinates29°39′1.6″N 82°20′34.75″W / 29.650444°N 82.3429861°W / 29.650444; -82.3429861Coordinates: 29°39′1.6″N 82°20′34.75″W / 29.650444°N 82.3429861°W / 29.650444; -82.3429861
ArchitectFrederick Law Olmsted, Jr.

The Plaza of the Americas is a major center of student activity on the campus of the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. It is located in the quad between Library West, Peabody Hall, the University Auditorium, and the Chemistry Building.[1]

In 2008 the Plaza of the Americas became a contributing property in the University of Florida Campus Historic District which was added to the National Register of Historic Places on April 20, 1989.[2][3]


In 1925, landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. developed the plans to improve the plaza. In 1931, the space was officially designated the Plaza of the Americas at the first meeting of the Institute of Inter-American Affairs. The students planted 21 trees around the plaza. They dedicated the newly planted trees to the 21 countries that were invited to the meeting. Today, the quad is the unofficial forum for the University of Florida where students and organizations present their ideals.[4]

A $2.2 million renovation of the Plaza of the Americas, which included additional landscaping, benches, and sidewalks, was begun in November 2016.[5] The project was completed a year later, and a dedication ceremony for the renovated plaza was held on November 17, 2017.[6]

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