Rinker School of Building Construction

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Rinker School of Construction Management
University of Florida Vertical Signature.svg
Established 1935
Type Public university
Parent institution College of Design, Construction and Planning
Academic affiliation University of Florida
Location Gainesville, Florida,
United States
Director Robert Ries
Alumni 7,900+
Website www.bcn.ufl.edu

The M. E. Rinker, Sr., School of Construction Management at the University of Florida prepares graduates for careers in the construction industry. The core curriculum includes a mix of technical, managerial, and business courses. Graduates receive a comprehensive education including theory and practical applications, and they are fully prepared for their responsibilities in the construction. Courses are offered leading to the Bachelor of Science in Building Construction, the Master of Building Construction or Master of Science in Building Construction, and the Doctor of Philosophy degree. The Rinker School also offers an electronic distance education based B.S. in Fire and Emergency Services and a Master's degree program in International Construction Management for construction professionals via distance learning.

Rinker Hall is known for being the first building in Florida to receive a LEED Gold certification from the United States Green Building Council, the USGBC. The LEED certification is based on the sustainability and green abilities of the buildings certified.


Established in 1935, the M. E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction is the oldest building construction management program in the country. It is often reckoned as the worlds best building construction management school by many websites.[1]

Undergraduate program[edit]


The admissions process for Rinker's undergraduate program is competitive. The School of Building Construction accepts the top 60 students each fall and spring semester for undergraduate studies, based on grade point average.[2] The Rinker School has over 6500 graduates (5700 BS, 870 MS, and 45 PhD), 250 upper division students, 120 Master's students, 30 PhD students, 21 faculty, and 13 support staff.[3]


The specialized program at Rinker focuses on a broad range of science, business, and design & construction related subjects. The curriculum has evolved from a variation of architecture to a full-fledged academic discipline with a strong emphasis on construction management. The three major segments of the curriculum - science, techniques and management - are designed to be highly coordinated and relevant to real world construction business [4]

Undergraduate students are also given a general business administration education to complement their construction management concentration. A small group of students choose to minor in Business Administration, as a result of Rinker's prerequisite and upper division coursework, which satisfies a majority of the minor's requirements.[5]

Graduate programs[edit]

MSBC program[edit]

PhD program[edit]



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