Pop Rocks (film)

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Pop Rocks
Starring Gary Cole
Sherilyn Fenn
Country of origin United States
Original network ABC Family
Original release
  • September 10, 2004 (2004-09-10)

Pop Rocks is a 2004 American television movie starring Gary Cole and Sherilyn Fenn that aired on ABC Family.[1]


A bank loan officer named Jerry Harden has his life turned upside down when a scruffy-looking guitarist named Izzy shows up at his bank office. It is revealed that Jerry was a member of a hard rock/glam metal band called Rock Toxin, and the members are planning a one-time-only reunion. Jerry is reluctant, as he prefers suburbia to the wild rock lifestyle he left behind, but is forced to reconsider when he finds that he doesn't have enough money to send his 17-year-old daughter Olivia to college.

Since Jerry has never told his wife Allison about being in the band, he embarks upon living a hectic double life: nerdish pillar of society by day and heavily-made-up rock singer by night. Since the group Rock Toxin wore heavy "Kiss"-like makeup he doesn't think anyone will ever find out about his alternative persona, but this is when his troubles truly begin. Jerry fights to keep his past hidden while taking part in the concert which all the town will be attending. But only the truth can save his family if it isn't too late.



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