Positive Energy Plane

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The Positive Energy Plane is an Inner Plane from the popular role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons. It consists of mostly nothing but an empty void as most things are destroyed by being overfilled with energy. Using the spherical model, it touches the Quasi-Elemental planes of Lightning, Radiance, Steam, and Minerals. Despite its nickname, "The Plane of Life," it is the least hospitable Inner Plane, surpassing even the Negative Energy Plane.

Environment and Hospitality[edit]

The plane consists of mostly an empty void. This is due to the positive energy overfilling things, causing them to explode in a flash of light if they are nonliving. A visitor would first notice the brilliant light of the plane, hurting their eyes. Then, all of their wounds would be healed as they noticed there was no atmosphere. As the positive energy filled them, they would briefly think they were ascending to godhood, but as their cells reached capacity and the cancer grew uncontrollably they would, in a fleeting moment, realize what it means to be mortal, then die. In the main part of the plane, the positive energy encourages growth, including cancer. Therefore, visitors to the main part of the plane would not explode in a blinding flash of light, but rather get almost instantly fatal "explosive cancer of the everything".