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Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc.
Privately held company
Industry Pharmaceuticals
Founded 1919
Headquarters Maple Grove, Minnesota, United States

Since 1919, Upsher-Smith has been a partner in healthcare, striving to deliver high-value, high-quality therapies and solutions which measurably improve individuals’ lives. As a family-owned pharmaceutical company, we are able to adapt and thrive in a dynamic healthcare environment. Our world is constantly evolving, and we are continually adapting to the ever-changing needs of patients, physicians, pharmacists, and healthcare organizations. Where there is a need, we will work to deliver solutions that simplify access to treatment, deliver better health outcomes, and enhance life.

Upsher-Smith has a particular focus on developing therapies for people affected by neurological disorders and has a pipeline of central nervous system (CNS) compounds. While the company’s lead compounds are focused on seizure disorders, Upsher-Smith is also exploring potential treatments for Parkinson’s disease, cognitive deficits, neuropathic pain, inflammatory conditions, and obesity.

The company’s clinical development pipeline includes USL261 which is being developed for intranasal delivery of midazolam as rescue treatment for seizure patients who require control of intermittent bouts of increased seizure activity, also referred to as seizure clusters or acute repetitive seizures. USL261 has been granted orphan drug designation for this indication by the FDA. Its efficacy and safety are being evaluated through a clinical development program which includes an ongoing double-blind, placebo-controlled, multi-center, international Phase 3 clinical trial (ARTEMIS1) with an open-label safety extension study. There is a significant need for new therapies to treat seizure clusters. Currently, only one medication, diazepam, is FDA-approved to control bouts of increased seizure activity. However, it must be delivered rectally. The social acceptability of rectal delivery is challenging for adults and older children.

Upsher-Smith is also pursuing several branded product candidates in various stages of development. Within its generics pipeline, the company has pending ANDAs filed with the FDA for five generic product candidates and has additional generic candidates in development.

Upsher-Smith is headquartered in Maple Grove, MN, and has offices and facilities in Plymouth, MN, Denver, CO, Morristown, NJ, and London and Cambridge, England. For more information, visit