R. S. Krishnan Higher Secondary School

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R.S.Krishnan Higher Secondary School
Kailasapuram, Trichy, Tamil Nadu
Type Coeducation
Motto Be Just and Fear Not
Established 1964
Grades Kindergarten to Grade 12

The R.S. Krishnan Higher Secondary School is located in Tiruchirapalli (Trichy), Tamil Nadu, India. It was founded in 1964 by the Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited company to provide education for the children of the company's employees. Subsequently, the school opened admissions for non-BHEL students too. Initially, the school was given the name Boiler Plant Higher Secondary School, and was renamed to be R.S.Krishnan Higher Secondary School, in memory of the first executive director of BHEL. It was run by the Jesuit order Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel until 2006, when the Singapore-based Global Indian Education Foundation took over the management of the school.[1]. R.S.K. was under their preview for a tenure of 5 academic years. KKR's Gowtham Educational Institutions took over the management in 2011.

The School follows the Central Board Of Secondary Education-Delhi, syllabus. The C.B.S.E. syllabus was exclusive in all of R.S.K's classes until 2000, after which due to public demand and the trends in the Professional Courses admissions in Tamil Nadu, the Management introduced (Tamil Nadu) State Board as an additional alternate syllabus for Classes XI and XII. The School has a strong Alumni network and a very active association called the Old Students' Association (OSA). Among its many activities, happens to be the organizing of the cultural festival OSCAR (Old Students' Celebration At R.S.K.).

The School excels in several sporting and cultural activities. In football, in the under-16 category, they have won various titles including the district title. It also has a long list of cultural titles that has been backed continuously down the years. Students from R.S.K. have been consistently selected for top engineering colleges across the country including the Indian Institutes of Technology and National Institutes of Technology. Two students of this institution Ashwat and Tharun have been selected as the only competitors from the schools during the IIT-Madras tech-fest Shaastra 2014. The school highlights ample lot of students, who, over the years, have excelled in their C.B.S.E. and Tamil Nadu State Board terminal examinations. A student of this institution has topped the lists securing the 1st Rank in the TANCET 2011 conducted by Anna University on 06.24.2011.[1] Students from R.S.K. have emerged to be respected officials and educationalists in the society.


The School is spread across the BHEL Township as 5 separate campuses,

  • The A Sector Primary School houses classes Kinder Garten (KG) I to Standard I, Sections A, B, C
  • The C Sector Primary School houses classes II to V, Sections A, B, C
  • The B Sector Primary School houses classes KG I to Standard V, Sections D, E, F
  • The Junior School in B Sector, housing classes VI through VIII, Sections A through F
  • The Main School, also in B Sector, housing Classes IX to XII

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