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R. S. Raja Kannappan, formerly known as S. Kannappan, is an Indian politician and former minister of Public Works, Highways and Electricity during 1991–1996.

1972 Initiated as member in the Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) under the leadership of M.G.R., when he started the party.
1972–1980 District Student–Wing Secretary of AIADMK, of the combined districts of Ramanathapuram, Sivagangai and Virudhunagar under the leadership of M.G.R.
1982–1984 Union Secretary, Kalaiyarkovil, Sivagangai District under the leadership of M.G.R.
1984–1987 District Secretary, Sivagangai District under the leadership of M.G.R.
1987–1989 District Secretary, Sivagangai District of the AIADMK(J) headed by Selvi J. Jayalalitha.
1989 Contested in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly Election from the Thirupattur Constituency, Sivagangai District, under the Seval symbol of the AIADMK(J) headed by Selvi. J. Jayalalitha.
1989–1991 District Secretary, Sivagangai Disrtrict of the United AIADMK under the leadership of Selvi. J. Jayalalitha.
1991 Contested and Elected to the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly Elections from the Thirupattur Constituency, Sivagangai District, under the leadership of Selvi. J. Jayalalitha.[1]
1991–1996 Nominated to the Council of Ministers as Minister for Highways, Public Works Department and Electricity, Government of Tamil Nadu by Selvi. J. Jayalalitha. (Managed all the three portfolios diligently for the entire five years without any change in portfolios). Held the post of Organizing Secretary of the AIADMK.

Then held the post of Treasurer of AIADMK under auspices of Selvi. J. Jayalalitha. He was considered department no. 2 in the party and in the government during this period.

During this period Tamil Nadu became one of the leading states in India projected mainly by implementation of many infrastructure projects in highways, irrigation and electricity connectivity. He supported rural road connectivity, rural electrification and rural water accessibility to improved the lives of people living in villages and small towns.

For instance, a power project in North Madras was initiated and completed in 30 months. This was a record of sorts at the time.

During this period through the Public Works Department many dams were strengthened in Tamil Nadu including Mullai Periyar Dam and new canals were build in the Southern Districts to accessibility with the Kauvery and Vaigai rivers.

He worked with Chief Minister of Kerala Thiru, M.Karunakaran, regarding the Mullai Periyar Dam. During this period Tamil Nadu produced surplus electricity and some new projects were started and completed. Tamil Nadu became a leader in Renewable Energy and awarded No. 1 state in the production of Renewable Energy for 4 years in a row. He was given the title of "Computer Kannappan" by Selvi. J. Jeyalalitha for his efficiency in handling three major portfolios and conducting party activities.

He was the first person to raise object to SASIKALA's family after Sudhakaran's marriage and also requested Selvi. J. Jayalalitha to avoid them from her political and personal Life.
2000 Started Makkal Tamil Desam Party in 2000 with more than 27 Lakh members and conducted a State Level Conference in Chennai on 23 December 2000 with around 25 Lakh members. And it was narrated as a huge conference in Tamil Nadu by all newspapers.
2001 Contested the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly Elections from Ilayankudi, Sivagangai District through his party Makkal Tamil Desam.
2004 Makkal Tamil Desam Party was in Third Front in the Local Body Elections conducted in Tamil Nadu and the party members won in many places. MTD Party led the Third Front in the Member of Parliament Elections held in 2004.
2005 All over Tamil NaduMTD party had conducted more than 60 District conferences in all the Districts.
2006 Contested and Elected to the Legislative Assembly Elections from Ilayankudi Constituency, Sivagangai District.
2008 Represented India to attend Common Wealth held at Canada.
2008 Member of Delimitation Committee.
2009 Joined AIADMK and was asked by Selvi. J. Jayalalitha represent AIADMK in the Parliament by Contesting in the Loksabha Election held in 2009. He
Contested from Sivagangai Constituency with the blessings of Selvi. J. Jayalalitha and defeated the opposition Candidate P.Chidambaram (Home Minister at that Time). P.Chidambaram in Connivance with Karunanidhi, the Central Government and Election Officials declared himself the winner, in spite of the fact the whole world knowing who the real winner was. Even today, news articles (both print and video) announcing P.Chidambaram's defeat can be found on the internet.
Contested the Legislative Assembly Elections from Thirupattur Constituency, Sivagangai District.
2014 Appointed by Selvi. J. Jeyalalitha as an incharge of AIADMK for Member of Parliament Elections to Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu which includes 10 constituencies.
2016 Appointed by Selvi. J. Jeyalalitha as an incharge of AIADMK for Legislative Assembly Elections of Tamil Nadu.
2017 Worked with party members to evict SASIKALA's family from the party of AIADMK and also acted as a person conduit in uniting the party.

He was elected to the Tamil Nadu legislative assembly as an Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (ADMK) candidate from Tiruppattur (194) constituency in 1991 election.[1] He served as minister of Public Works during 1991–1996. He later founded the Makkal Tamil Desam (MTD) party.[2]

The MTD contested the 2001 election as a junior partner in the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) led front. In 2006, Kannappan dissolved his party and joined the DMK. He contested and won the 2006 election from the Ilaiyangudi constituency as a DMK candidate. In February 2009 he resigned from DMK and as an MLA. He joined the ADMK and contested the 2009 Indian general elections from the Sivaganga parliamentary constituency. He was cheated and defeated by the Indian National Congress (INC) candidate P. Chidambaram in a close election.[3][4][5]

Kannappan — together with his wife, mother, two brothers, two sisters and mother-in-law — were among several former DMK legislators charged of having assets disproportionate to their known income by Tamil Nadu Police in June 2005.[2] The issue had first been investigate in 1996 and all charges were dismissed by the courts in 2015 due to lack of evidence, by which time his wife and mother had died.[6]