Reese Hoffa

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Reese Hoffa
2014 DécaNation - Shot put 10a.jpg
Hoffa in 2014
Personal information
Born (1977-10-08) October 8, 1977 (age 38)
Augusta, Georgia
Residence Athens, Georgia, USA
Height 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
Weight 147 kg (324 lb)
Country  United States
Sport Athletics
Event(s) Shot Put
Club New York Athletic Club
Coached by Don Babbitt
Achievements and titles
Personal best(s) 22.43 m (73' 7")
Updated on 6 August 2012.

Michael Reese Hoffa (born Maurice Antawn Chism;[1] October 8, 1977 in Evans, Georgia) is an American shot putter. Reese won the shot put in the 2006 World Indoor Track and Field Championships and in the 2007 World Outdoor Championships. He also won the bronze medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. His personal bests stand at 22.11 m (72' 6.25") indoor and 22.43 m (73' 7") outdoor.[2] In 2012, he threw over 21 meters in competition for the 100th time, putting him in rarefied air in the throwing community.

Personal life[edit]

Hoffa was adopted at the age of four.[3]

He is married to Renata Hoffa, a math teacher at Oconee County High School in Watkinsville, Georgia. His current residence is Athens, Georgia.

Reese is also known as a decent speedcuber able to solve a Rubik's Cube in 30 seconds.

High school years[edit]

Hoffa attended Lakeside High School in Evans, Georgia, and was a letterman in football, wrestling, baseball, and track & field. His Lakeside High School coach was David Machovec.Even though he has success today in the sort, back then no one thought he would succeed until junior year in high school. He barely qualified for state but ended up winning it with a throw just over 58 feet. He was then given the name "the unknown shot putter".


Hoffa's coach is Don Babbitt, agent Paul Doyle and club NYAC/Nike. His core workouts leading towards the 2012 Olympics in London were designed by Corey Davis of Core Blend Training.

Career highlights[edit]

Hoffa in action at the 2010 Bislett Games


  • 1997
    • 5th at National Scholastics
  • 1998
    • 3rd at SEC Outdoors
    • 11th at NCAA Outdoors
  • 1999
    • 2nd at Southeastern Conference Champs
    • 11th at NCAA Outdoors
    • 8th at USA Outdoors
  • 2000
    • 6th at U.S. Olympic Trials in (18.95)
    • 2nd at NCAA Indoors (18.48)
    • 4th in SP at NCAA Outdoors (19.79)
    • Ranked 5th in U.S; best of 19.79, 49.04 for discus
  • 2001
    • 6th at USA Outdoors (19.95)
    • 3rd at NCAA Outdoors (19.93)
    • SEC Outdoor champ
    • 9th at World University Games
    • Ranked #6 in U.S. by Track & Field News; best of 20.22
  • 2002
    • 6th at USA Indoors (18.82m)
    • 6th at USA Outdoors (20.47m)
    • Ranked #7 in U.S. by Track & Field News; best of 20.47m
  • 2003
    • 3rd at USA Outdoors (20.64m)
    • 1st at Pan American Games (20.95m)
    • 5th at USA Indoors (19.40m)
    • 2nd at Home Depot Invitational (20.90m)
    • 2nd at Stanford (20.65)
    • Ranked #9 in world (#5 U.S.) by Track & Field News
Hoffa at the 2009 FBK Games


  • Silver medalist at World Indoors (21.07m)
  • 2nd at Olympic Trials (21.14m)
  • 22nd in qualifying at Olympic Games (19.40m)
  • Runner-up at USA Indoors (20.97m)
  • 3rd at Nike Prefontaine Classic (20.38m)
  • 1st at Atlanta (20.71m)
  • 2nd at Verizon Millrose Games (19.98m)
  • 2nd at Drake Relays SP (19.61m)
  • 2nd at Home Depot SP (21.67m)
  • 1st at Santiago SP (20.99m)
  • 1st in Atlanta SP (20.71m)
  • Ranked #6 world (#3 U.S.) by Track & Field News; best of 21.67m


  • USA Indoors runner-up (21.74m)
  • 5th at USA Outdoors (20.90m)
  • 1st at Millrose Games (21.61m)
  • 1st at Doha (21.29m)
  • Ranked #4 in world (#3 U.S.) by Track & Field News; best of 21.29m


  • World Indoor Champion (22.11m)
  • USA Outdoor runner-up (21.96m)
  • USA Indoor champion (21.61m)
  • 4th at Nike Prefontaine Classic (20.98m)
  • Ranked #1 in world by Track & Field NEWS; best of 22.11m(i)


  • World champion (22.04m)
  • USA Outdoor champion (21.47m)
  • USA Indoor runner-up (21.21m)
  • 2nd at Millrose Games (21.75m)
  • 3rd at Adidas Track Classic (21.36m)
  • 1st at Alabama Relays (21.84m)
  • 2nd at Nike Prefontaine Classic (21.65m)
  • 2nd at Madrid (20.81m)
  • 1st at Ostrava (21.77)
  • 1st at Doha (21.37m)
  • 1st at London (22.43)


  • World Indoor Silver Medalist (21.20m)
  • Olympic Trials Champion (22.10m)
  • 6th at Olympic Games (20.53m)
  • 2nd at Nike Prefontaine Classic (21.73m)
  • 1st at Reebok Grand Prix (21.29m)
  • 1st at Doha (21.48m)


  • 4th at World Outdoors (21.28m)
  • 3rd at USA Outdoors (21.10m)
  • 1st at Nike Prefontaine Classic (21.89m)
  • 1st at Doha (21.64m)
  • 1st at Hengelo (21.59m)


  • USA Outdoor runner-up (21.33m)
  • 4th at USA Indoors (20.42m)
  • 2nd at Millrose Games (20.59m)
  • 1st in Brussels (22.16m)
  • 2nd at Bydgoszcz (20.97m)
  • 1st at Kentucky Invite (21.20m)
  • 1st at Bulldog Limited (21.14m)
  • 3rd at Doha (21.00m)
  • 4th at Oslo (20.69m)
  • 2nd at Drake Relays (20.56m)
  • 4th at Stockholm (20.68m)


  • 3rd at USA Outdoors (21.86m)
  • 1st at Pre Classic (21.65m)
  • 1st at Monaco (21.25m)
  • 2nd at Doha (21.27m)
  • 3rd at Rome (21.13m)
  • 2nd at Drake Relays (20.93m)
  • 4th at Stockholm (20.91m)


  • 1st at USA Outdoors (22.0m)
  • 3rd at Olympic Games in London (21.23m)


  • 2nd at USA Outdoors (2013 (21.34m)
  • 4th at World Championships in Moscow


External links[edit]

  • Reese is active in social media, maintaining an active Twitter account, @hoffathrows, as well as numerous YouTube videos.