Renewable energy in Nepal

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Renewable energy in Nepal is a sector that is developing in Nepal.[1] This is one of the factor that can alter the change in load shedding time too which is helpful.

Solar energy[edit]

Power cuts with an average of 10 hours per day[2] have been common in Nepal and Nepal Electricity Authority[3] publishes a time table for power cuts. Solar energy can be seen as a more reliable source of energy in Nepal than the traditional electricity. Private installations of solar panels are more frequent in Nepal. The US Embassy has installed the solar panels.[4][5]

Places such as Madi, Chitwan where the Electricity Authority do not provide electricity[6] because of Chitwan National Park, people there have been relying on solar power[7] for several years.

Electric vehicles[edit]

Electric powered[8] public three wheeler have been in use to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. [9]

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