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Reply 1988
TVN's Reply 1988 (응답하라 1988) poster.jpg
Promotional poster
Written byLee Woo-jung
Directed byShin Won-ho
StarringLee Hye-ri
Park Bo-gum
Go Kyung-pyo
Ryu Jun-yeol
Lee Dong-hwi
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of episodes20 +1 special
Running time90–110 minutes
Production company(s)CJ E&M
Original networktvN
Original releaseNovember 6, 2015 (2015-11-06) –
January 16, 2016 (2016-01-16)
Preceded byReply 1994
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Reply 1988 (Korean응답하라 1988; RREungdaphara 1988) is a South Korean television series starring Lee Hye-ri, Park Bo-gum, Go Kyung-pyo, Ryu Jun-yeol and Lee Dong-hwi.[1][2][3] Set in the year 1988, it revolves around five friends and their families living in the same neighborhood of Ssangmun-dong, Dobong District, Northern Seoul.[4] It aired every Friday and Saturday from November 6, 2015, to January 16, 2016, on tvN for 20 episodes.[5][6]

Reply 1988 is the third installment of tvN's Reply series.[7] It received both critical and audience acclaim with its finale episode recording an 18.8% nationwide audience share, making it the second highest rated drama in Korean cable television history.[8][9]



The middle child of her family, she is infamously ranked 999th in school and is the only girl in their group of five neighborhood friends.
A genius Go player amongst his neighborhood friends who is mostly quiet and struggles with simple day-to-day tasks.
A student council president, caring brother and dependable son to his family.
Stoic and sarcastic, is smart and loves soccer.
Loves dancing and singing, he is wise beyond his age.


Sung family
Kim family
Sun-woo family
  • Kim Sun-young as Kim Sun-young (Sun-woo's mother)
  • Kim Seol as Sung Jin-joo (Sun-woo's little sister)
Neighborhood residents


  • Lee Min-ji as Jang Mi-ok (Duk Seon's friend)
  • Lee Se-young as Wang Ja-hyun (Duk Seon's friend)
  • Song Young Kyu as Sun-young's older brother
  • Lee Mi-yeon as adult Sung Duk-seon
  • Kim Joo-hyuk as adult Choi Taek
  • Jeon Mi-seon as adult Sung Bo-ra
  • Woo Hyun as adult Sung No-eul
  • Yong Young-jae as director of Korea Baduk Association
  • Bae Yoo-ram

Special appearances[edit]


Leads Hyeri and Park Bo-gum in costume at a fan-signing event for the series, February 2016

Reply 1988 marked the third collaboration between director Shin Won-ho, screenwriter Lee Woo-jung and actors Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa after Reply 1997 (2012) and Reply 1994 (2013). Kim Sung-kyun, who co-starred in 1994 also joined the cast. The first script-reading was held on August 2015.[12] Choi Taek, played by Park Bo-gum, was loosely based on the real-life Go player, Lee Chang-ho.[13]

Unlike the previous Reply series, 1988 focused more on filial bond than romance between characters with director Shin saying that most of the story was about family, and only a small fraction was about Duk-seon's love.[14]

"...during filming, nothing is to interfere with the development of the main story. So, right from the beginning, we have already decided that Deoksun will end up together with Taek eventually."
-Director Shin Won-ho at the 22nd Shanghai Television Festival, 2016[15][16]

Original soundtrack[edit]

Like its predecessors, the soundtrack for Reply 1988 also consists of remakes of old songs.

Part 1[edit]

No.TitleLyricsMusicOriginal SingerLength
1."Youth (청춘) (Rock Ver.)" (Kim Feel)Kim Chang-wanKim Chang-wanSanulrim4:27
2."Youth (청춘) (feat. Kim Chang-wan)" (Kim Feel)Kim Chang-wanKim Chang-wanSanulrim3:40

Part 2[edit]

No.TitleLyricsMusicOriginal SingerLength
1."Don't Worry Dear (걱정말아요 그대)" (Lee Juck)Jeon In-gwonJeon In-gwonJeon In-gwon3:51

Part 3[edit]

No.TitleLyricsMusicOriginal SingerLength
1."A Little Girl (소녀)" (Oh Hyuk)Lee Young-hoonLee Young-hoonLee Moon-sae3:33

Part 4[edit]

No.TitleLyricsMusicOriginal SingerLength
1."Hyehwa-dong (or Ssangmun-dong) (혜화동 (혹은 쌍문동))" (Park Bo-ram)Kim Chang-kiKim Chang-kiZoo4:22

Part 5[edit]

No.TitleLyricsMusicOriginal SingerLength
1."All I Have to Give You is Love (네게 줄 수 있는건 오직 사랑뿐)" (December)Ji Geun-sikJi Geun-sikByun Jin Sub3:31

Part 6[edit]

No.TitleLyricsMusicOriginal SingerLength
1."Violet Fragrance (보라빛향기)" (Wable)Kang SusieYoon SangKang Susie3:44

Part 7[edit]

No.TitleLyricsMusicOriginal SingerLength
1."Together (함께)" (Noel)Do Yoon-kyungPark Kwang-hyunPark Kwang-hyun4:33

Part 8[edit]

No.TitleLyricsMusicOriginal SingerLength
1."Everyday With You (매일 그대와)" (Sojin (Girl's Day))Choi Sung-wonChoi Sung-wonDeulgukhwa3:16

Part 9[edit]

No.TitleLyricsMusicOriginal SingerLength
1."As Time Goes By (세월이 가면)" (Kihyun)Choi Myung-subChoi Gwi-subChoi Ho-sub3:49

Part 10[edit]

No.TitleLyricsMusicOriginal SingerLength
1."Let's Forget It (이젠 잊기로 해요 )" (Yeo-eun (Melody Day))Lee Jang-heeLee Jang-heeKim Wan-sun3:58

Part 11[edit]

No.TitleLyricsMusicOriginal SingerLength
1."기억날 그날이 와도" (NC.A)Oh Tae-hoOh Tae-hoHong Song-min3:45


In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

Ep. Original broadcast date Title Average audience share
AGB Nielsen[17] TNmS[18]
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide
1 November 6, 2015 Hand in Hand 6.1% 6.7% 6.5%
2 November 7, 2015 The One Thing You're Mistaken About Me 6.8% 7.4% 6.7%
3 November 13, 2015 Not Guilty If You're Rich, Guilty If You're Poor 7.8% 8.4% 8.6%
4 November 14, 2015 Can't help ~ing 8.3% 8.7% 8.0%
5 November 20, 2015 Ready for Winter 10.1% 10.8% 9.6%
6 November 21, 2015 The First Snow Is Coming 9.3% 10.0% 8.8%
7 November 27, 2015 To You 11.0% 11.4% 10.2%
8 November 28, 2015 One Warm Word 11.3% 12.2% 10.7%
9 December 4, 2015 Crossing The Line 11.6% 12.2% 10.2%
10 December 5, 2015 Memory 13.4% 13.9% 12.5%
11 December 11, 2015 Three Different Prophecies 12.2% 13.3% 12.3%
12 December 12, 2015 Loving Someone Means 13.1% 13.8% 11.8%
13 December 18, 2015 Superman Has Returned 12.9% 13.4% 12.2%
14 December 19, 2015 Don't Worry, Dear 15.1% 16.0% 13.2%
15 December 25, 2015 Between Love and Friendship 15.2% 16.3% 13.6%
16 December 26, 2015 Life is Ironic – 1 15.4% 16.0% 12.6%
17 January 8, 2016 Life is Ironic – 2 15.5% 16.5% 15.5%
18 January 9, 2016 Goodbye, My First Love 17.2% 17.8% 16.2%
19 January 15, 2016 You Did Your Best 17.6% 18.6% 17.9%
20 January 16, 2016 Goodbye, Youth
Goodbye, Ssangmun-dong
18.8% 19.6% 18.4%
Average 12.4% 13.2% 11.8%
0 October 30, 2015 Guide 2.996%
Special January 2, 2016 Behind 7.021% 6.7%
  • This drama airs on a cable channel/pay TV which normally has a relatively smaller audience compared to free-to-air TV/public broadcasters (KBS, SBS, MBC and EBS).
  • The series set a record by receiving over 200 million cumulative views within a month of its official online premiere in China.[19]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result Ref.
16th Top Chinese Music Awards
Best International Artist Park Bo-gum Won
52nd Baeksang Arts Awards
Best Drama Reply 1988 Nominated
Best Director Shin Won-ho Won
Best Actress Ra Mi-ran Nominated
Best New Actor Ryu Jun-yeol Won
Ahn Jae-hong Nominated
Lee Dong-hwi Nominated
Best New Actress Ryu Hye-young Nominated
Lee Hye-ri Nominated
Best Screenplay Lee Woo-jung Nominated
4th Annual DramaFever Awards
Best Rising Star Park Bo-gum Won [20]
Best Kiss Park Bo-gum & Lee Hye-ri Won
11th Seoul International Drama Awards
Best Miniseries Reply 1988 Nominated
5th APAN Star Awards
Best Director Shin Won-ho Won [21]
Best Supporting Actor Choi Moo-sung Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Kim Sun-young Nominated
Best New Actor Park Bo-gum Won
Best New Actress Lee Hye-ri Won
9th Korea Drama Awards
Top Excellence Award, Actor Park Bo-gum Nominated
Best New Actor Ahn Jae-hong Nominated
Lee Dong-hwi Nominated
Best New Actress Lee Hye-ri Nominated
Best Original Soundtrack Lee Juck ("Don't Worry Dear") Nominated
tvN10 Awards
Grand Prize (Daesang), Drama Reply 1988 Won [22]
Best Content Award, Drama Won
Best Actor Sung Dong-il Nominated
Special Acting Award Won
Asia Star Award Park Bo-gum Won
Rising Star Award, Actor Ryu Jun-yeol Won
Rising Star Award, Actress Lee Hye-ri Won
Scene-Stealer, Actor Kim Sung-kyun Won
Lee Dong-hwi Nominated
Scene-Stealer, Actress Ra Mi-ran Won
Kim Sun-young Nominated
Lee Il-hwa Nominated
Ryu Hye-young Nominated
Made in tvN, Actor in Drama Park Bo-gum Nominated
Ryu Jun-yeol Nominated
Made in tvN, Actress in Drama Lee Hye-ri Nominated
Two Star Award Go Kyung-pyo Nominated
Best Kiss Park Bo-gum & Lee Hye-ri Nominated
8th Melon Music Awards
Best OST Oh Hyuk ("A Little Girl") Nominated
18th Mnet Asian Music Awards
Lee Juck ("Don't Worry Dear") Won [23]
1st Asia Artist Awards
Best Rookie Award, Actor Ryu Jun-yeol Won
Asia Star Award, Actor Park Bo-gum Won [24]

International broadcast[edit]


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