Territorial Prelature of the Mission de France at Pontigny

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Territorial Prelature of Mission de France o Pontigny
Praelatura Territorialis Missionis Galliae seu Pontiniacensis
Prélature territoriale de la Mission de France
Abbaye Pontigny.jpg
Country France
Ecclesiastical province Dijon
Metropolitan Archdiocese of Dijon
- Catholics
(as of 2013)
Rite Latin Rite
Established 15 August 1954
Cathedral Cathédrale-abbatiale de Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption
Current leadership
Prelate Hervé Jean Robert Giraud
Metropolitan Archbishop Roland Minnerath

The Territorial Prelature of Mission de France or - of Pontigny (Latin: Praelatura Territorialis Missionis Galliae seu Pontiniacensis) is a Latin Roman Catholic territorial prelature, located in the city of Pontigny in the Ecclesiastical province of the Metropolitan Archbishop of Dijon in Burgundy (France).


  • 24 July 1941: The XXVI-th assembly of cardinals and the archbishoprics of France decided to found the Mission de France, opening a seminary in Lisieux, Calvados (Normandy). The purpose of the seminary was to train secular priests to carry out evangelical work in poor French dioceses.[1]
  • 18 January 1954: Giuseppe cardinal Pizzardo, prefect of the Roman Curia's educational department (now Congregation for Catholic Education, then styled Congregation for Seminaries and Universities), notified the Lille diocese that the Mission de France seminary was to be closed and replaced by an "institute for missionary training" which would prepare priests to be sent to dechristianised regions.[2]
  • 15 August 1954: Established as the Territorial Prelature of Mission de France, on territory slit off from the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Sens

Incumbent prelates[edit]

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Prelates of Mission de France


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