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Rutherford Creek is a tributary of the Green River, British Columbia, Canada, entering that river a few miles above Nairn Falls Provincial Park, near the village of Pemberton. The creek's headwaters are on the eastern side of the Pemberton Icefield. from where it flows southeast for the first half of its course, then generally east for the remainder. It is approximately 24 km in length. The mouth is at 50*16' 3"N 122* 57' 41"W.

Whitewater kayaking course[edit]

Rutherford Creek is the location of one of only two artificial whitewater kayaking courses in Canada, the other being located in Ottawa. The course was built as a part of a run-of-the-river hydroelectric facility built by the private Rutherford Creek Power Ltd. in cooperation with the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, the BC Whitewater Kayaking Association and the Pemberton Snowmobile Club. It includes a channel with weirs, boulders, baffle walls, anchor pads and a classroom.

Hydroelecric plant[edit]

Rutherford Creek Power was built in 2004 by a partnership between Cloudworks Energy, Innergex Renewable Energy and the Lil'wat First Nation. The plant uses a 9km penstock leading to a power house with two 25 MW pelton wheels.[1] The plant has a IPP agreement to sell electricity to BC Hydro.

2003 washout/flooding[edit]

Rutherford Creek became the focus of disaster relief when a Pineapple Express bearing more rain than has ever been recorded before reached the area, and was made worse because the freezing line was well above the elevation of the Pemberton Icecap, which began to melt in torrential fashion. Rutherford Creek is one of the main streams leading from that icecap and the torrent which came down it wiped out the bridges used to cross it by BC Highway 99 and the BC Rail line.[2]

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Coordinates: 50°17′00″N 122°51′00″W / 50.28333°N 122.85000°W / 50.28333; -122.85000