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Mission type Earth imaging
Operator FACh
COSPAR ID 2011-076E
SATCAT no. 38011
Spacecraft properties
Bus Myriade
Manufacturer Astrium
Launch mass 117 kilograms (258 lb)
Start of mission
Launch date 17 December 2011, 02:03:48 (2011-12-17UTC02:03:48Z) UTC[1]
Rocket Soyuz-STA/Fregat
Launch site Kourou ELS
Contractor Arianespace
Orbital parameters
Reference system Geocentric
Regime Low Earth
Perigee 629 kilometres (391 mi)[2]
Apogee 630 kilometres (390 mi)[2]
Inclination 97.88 degrees[2]
Period 97.17 minutes[2]
Epoch 25 January 2015, 03:18:11 UTC[2]

Sistema Satelital para Observación de la Tierra (SSOT), also known as FASat-Charlie, is a Chilean earth observation satellite launched on 16 December 2011 from Guiana Space Centre on board a Soyuz ST rocket.[3]

SSOT is a Miniaturized satellite built on the Myriade satellite bus by EADS Astrium. It was part of a six-satellite payload along with Pléiades-HR 1, ELISA 1, ELISA 2, ELISA 3 and ELISA 4.

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