Sa'id ibn Mansur

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Sunan Sa'id ibn Mansur
AuthorSa'id ibn Mansur
Original titleسنن سعيد ابن منصور
GenreHadith collection

Sunan Sa'id ibn Mansur, or Sunan Sa'id bin Mansur or Sunan Sayeed bin Mansur (Arabic: سنن سعيد ابن منصور‎), is one of the Hadith book compiled in third century of Muslim Calender. It was written by Imam Sa'id ibn Mansur (Died in 227 AH).[1] [2]


It contains almost three thousand (3000) hadiths according to Maktaba Shamila. It is one of the oldest Musnad ( a kind of Hadith book) written. It is written in third century of Islamic Calendar and written before the most authentic book of Hadiths (narrations of Muhammad) that are Sahihain (Sahih al-Bukhari & Sahih Muslim). The book is famous mostly among the scholars only. [3]


The book has been published by many organizations around the world:

  • Sunan Sa‘īd ibn Manṣūr (8 v.)by Sa‘īd ibn Manṣūr : Published: al-Riyāḍ : Dār al-Ṣumay‘ī lil-Nashr wa-al-Tawzī‘, 1993-2012. [4]

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