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The Sarnia City Council is the governing body for the city of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. The council consists of nine elected members: the Mayor, four city council members and four Lambton County council members. The Mayor and all Council members are elected to four-year terms. The four Lambton County Council members serve both County and City Council.

Current Sarnia City Council[edit]

  • Mike Bradley, mayor[1]
  • Margaret Bird, city and county councillor[1]
  • Dave Boushy, city and county councillor[1]
  • Terry Burrell, city councillor[1]
  • Mike Stark, city and county councillor[1]
  • Brian White, city and county councillor[1]
  • Nathan Colquhoun, city councillor[1]
  • Bill Dennis, city councillor[1]
  • George Vandenberg, city councillor[1]


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