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The Whitehorse City Council is the governing body of the city of Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. The council consists of a mayor plus six councilors elected at large. The current mayor of Whitehorse is Dan Curtis, since 2012.[1]

Governance of the city was temporarily transferred to a taxpayer advisory committee led by Joseph Oliver for part of 1973, after five of the city's six councillors resigned on July 9, 1973 in protest against a jurisdictional dispute with the Yukon Territorial Council, leaving the council without a quorum to conduct city business.[2] A by-election was held on September 20, 1973 to elect a new council.[3]

Current council[edit]

  • Dan Curtis, mayor
  • Dan Boyd
  • Jocelyn Curteanu
  • Rob Fendrick
  • Samson Hartland
  • Betty Irwin
  • Roslyn Woodcock


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