Secret Life of Toys

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Secret Life of Toys
Genre Children's television series
Written by Jocelyn Stevenson
Voices of
Theme music composer PEEK-A-BOO
Composer(s) Jocelyn Stevenson (Lyrics)
Markus Windt (Sound)
Country of origin Germany, UK, US
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Executive producer(s) Brian Henson
Producer(s) Peter Coogan
Running time 10 minutes
Original network The Disney Channel (U.S.)
ABC TV (Australia)
Spacetoon (Arab world)
Family Channel (Canada)
Picture format 4:3
Original release 5 March (1994-03-05) – 28 May 1994 (1994-05-28)

Secret Life of Toys is a 1994 children's TV series based on the 1986 Christmas TV special The Christmas Toy. Each of the thirteen 30-minute episodes consists of two 15-minute stories. The show was taped in Monheim, Germany (near the Dutch border), and aired on The Disney Channel in the US (beginning on 5 March 1994),[1][2] the BBC in the United Kingdom, Family Channel in Canada and on ABC TV in Australia.


This series depicts the further adventures of Rugby Tiger and his friends in a new playroom with two different children, Penny and Simon. Penny and Simon's playtime affect how the toys' setting and situations are in the children's absence. For the toys' safety, they have a code called a set of No-nos. However one of the toy end up breaking one of those rules by accident. When that happens, they toys have to work together to keep the fact they can move and speak away from the humans.


Main characters[edit]

Other characters[edit]

  • Bratty Rat (Jerry Nelson) is a shifty rat who was purchased at a secondhand store.
  • Bunny Lamp (Mike Quinn) takes care of the lighting in the toy room and warns the toys when people are coming.
  • Bleep (Rob Mills) is a toy robot who sometimes freezes during his speech. He was designed by Larry DiFiori and built by Tom Newby and Norman Tempia.
  • Cruiser (Brian Henson) looks like a Fisher Price Little People figure who drives a taxi. He loves to use cool slang words. His motto is: "A dollar on the drop, and ten cents for any additional miles." He was designed by Larry DiFiori and built by Tom Newby and Norman Tempia.
  • Datz (Jerry Nelson) is a paper bag puppet that looks like his brother Ditz.
  • Dinkybeard (Jerry Nelson) is a wooden toy pirate. He was designed and built by Paul Andrejco.
  • Daffodil (Louise Gold) is a breakable princess doll who lives on the top shelf. Nobody really understands her. Daffodil is arguably the oldest toy in the house, having belonged to a family that previously owned it. After her original owner grew up and moved away, she lived alone in the attic of the house for many childhoods until the current family's children found her and brought her into their playroom. She alone among the toys understands what the attic actually is.
  • Eggie (Mike Quinn) is a dimwitted Humpty Dumpty-like toy egg who thinks eggs are the smartest creatures in the world.
  • Humble Gary (Mike Quinn) is an extremely humble tiger.


No. Parts Original airdate
1"Oops! / Don't Tell Me"TBA

  • Oops! – Hortense accidentally triggers the children's Goldbergian trap in the playroom and the toys have a hard time trying to fix it.
  • Don't Tell Me – Rugby's curiosity and refusal to listen to others puts him in tight spot when he's locked out of the playroom.
2"Follow the Leader / Disappearing Ditz"TBA

  • Follow the Leader
  • Disappearing Ditz
3"I'm Going to Tell... / The Cat Toy That Roared"TBA

  • I'm Going to Tell... – Raisin accidentally records a conversation on a musical cassette tape and Bratty threatens to tell everyone about it.
  • The Cat Toy That Roared
4"Rock-a-Bye Worries / The Magic Fish"TBA

  • Rock-a-Bye Worries
  • The Magic Fish
5"Climbers / Be Plush"TBA

  • Climbers – Rugby accidentally discovers the lost toy Felix. Mustering up his courage, Balthazar is able to rescue Felix.
  • Be Plush – Rugby is pretty standoffish believing he is better than the new tiger toy Humble Gary, until Gary ventures to meet the monster under the stairs.
6"Queen Raisin / Balthazar in Beam Land"TBA

  • Queen Raisin
  • Balthazar in Beam Land
7"Ditz and Datz / Mummies"TBA

  • Ditz and Datz
  • Mummies – Raisin, Balthazar and Ditz dress up like mummies to scare Rugby after he keeps a peculiar stone.
8"All Washed Up / Bunnochio"TBA

  • All Washed Up
  • Bunnochio
9"More Than a Mouse / Happy Hortense to You"TBA

  • More Than a Mouse
  • Happy Hortense to You
10"Down with Dinkybeard / The Sky is Falling!"TBA

  • Down with Dinkybeard
  • The Sky is Falling!
11"Baby Balthazar / True Mew"TBA

  • Baby Balthazar
  • True Mew
12"Mr. and Mrs. Rugby / I Spy"TBA

  • Mr. and Mrs. Rugby
  • I Spy – A new teddy called Spy Guy doesn't want to be sent back to the toy store, so he impersonates Balthazar and tries to send him away instead.
13"Who Shares Wins / It's a Giveaway"TBA

  • Who Shares Wins
  • It's a Giveaway


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