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The Secretary of the State of Connecticut is one of the constitutional officers of the U.S. state of Connecticut. (The definite article is part of the legal job title.) It is an elected position in the state government and has a term length of four years.

The current Secretary of the State is Denise Merrill, a Democrat who has held the office since 2011.

The Secretary of the State's Office is composed of two divisions:

List of Secretaries of the State of Connecticut[edit]


Name Town Term of service Years of service
Edward Hopkins Hartford 1639-41 2 yrs.
Thomas Welles Hartford 1641-48 7 yrs.
John Cullick Hartford, O 1648-58 10 yrs.
Daniel Clark Windsor, O 1658-64, 65-67 8 yrs.
John Allyn Hartford, O 1664-65, 67-96 30 yrs.
Eleazer Kimberly Glastonbury, O 1696-1709 13 yrs.
William Whiting Hartford, O 1709 3 mo.
Caleb Stanly Hartford, O 1709-12 3 yrs.
Richard Lord Hartford, O 1712 17 d.
Hezekiah Wyllys Hartford, O 1712-35 23 yrs.
George Wyllys Hartford, O 1735-96 61 yrs.

Since Statehood[edit]

Connecticut ratified the United States Constitution and gained statehood in 1788.

Name Town Political Party Term of service
George Wyllys Hartford 1788-96
Samuel Wyllys Hartford 1796-1810
Thomas Day Hartford 1810-35
Royal Ralph Hinman Southbury 1835-42
Noah A. Phelps Hartford 1842-44
Daniel P. Tyler Pomfret 1844-46
Charles W. Bradley Hartford 1846-47
John B. Robertson New Haven 1847-49
Roger H. Mills N. Hartford 1849-50
Hiram Weed Danbury Democratic 1850
John P. C. Mather New London Democratic 1850-54
Oliver H. Perry Fairfield Whig 1854-55
Nehemiah D. Sperry New Haven American 1855-57
Orville H. Platt Meriden American, Republican 1857-58
John Boyd Winchester Republican 1858-61
James Hammond Trumbull Hartford Republican 1861-66
Leverett E. Pease Somers Union 1866-69
Hiram Appleman Groton Republican 1869-70
Thomas M. Waller New London Democratic 1870-71
Hiram Appleman Groton Republican 1871-73
D. W. Edgecomb Fairfield Republican 1873
Marvin H. Sanger Canterbury Democratic 1873-77
Dwight Morris Bridgeport Democratic 1877-79
David Torrance Derby Republican 1879-81
Charles E. Searls Thompson Republican 1881-83
D. Ward Northrop Middletown Democratic 1883-85
Charles A. Russell Killingly Republican 1885-87
Leverett M. Hubbard Wallingford Republican 1887-89
R. Jay Walsh Greenwich Republican 1889-93
John J. Phelan Bridgeport Democratic 1893-95
William C. Mowry Norwich Republican 1895-97
Charles Phelps Rockville Republican 1897-99
Huber Clark Willimantic Republican 1899-1901
Charles G. R. Vinal Middletown Republican 1901-05
Theodore Bodenwein New London Republican 1905-09
Matthew H. Rogers Bridgeport Republican 1909-13
Albert Phillips Stamford Democratic 1913-15
Charles D. Burnes Greenwich Republican 1915-17
Frederick L. Perry New Haven Republican 1917-21
Donald J. Warner Salisbury Republican 1921-23
Francis A. Pallotti Hartford Republican 1923-29
William L. Higgins Coventry Republican 1929-33
John A. Danaher Hartford Republican 1933-35
C. John Satti New London Democratic 1935-39
Sara B. Crawford Westport Republican 1939-41
Chase G. Woodhouse New London Democratic 1941-43
Frances B. Redick Newington Republican 1943-45
Charles J. Prestia New Britain Democratic 1945-47
Frances B. Redick Newington Republican 1947-49
Winifred McDonald Waterbury Democratic 1949-51
Alice K. Leopold Weston Republican 1951-53
Charles B. Keats Bridgeport Republican 1953-55
Mildred P. Allen Hartford Republican 1955-59
Ella T. Grasso Windsor Locks Democratic 1959-71
Gloria Schaffer Woodbridge Democratic 1971-78
Henry S. Cohn West Hartford Democratic 1978-79
Barbara B. Kennelly Hartford Democratic 1979-82
Maura L. Melley Wethersfield Democratic 1982-83
Julia Tashjian Windsor Democratic 1983-91
Pauline R. Kezer Plainville Republican 1991-95
Miles S. Rapoport West Hartford Democratic 1995-99
Susan Bysiewicz Middletown Democratic 1999-2011
Denise Merrill Mansfield Democratic 2011-

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