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The Shaqshaqiya[1] or Shiqshiqiyya[2] sermon (Arabic: الخطبة الشقشقية‎, translit. al-khuṭbat al-shiqshiqiyya‎)[3] is a sermon believed by Shi'a to have been delivered by Ali.


The title refers to an incident in which Ali interrupted his sermon to read a letter that had just arrived.[4] After being asked to resume the sermon, Ali replied: "In no way, in no way. It was like the foam on the camel's mouth (shiqshiqa) as it opens its mouth to bellow and then falls silent."[5][3]


Ali addressed the moral characters and plots of other caliphs and his intent of becoming the Caliph.[6] He also speaks about the people who abused the property of the early Islamic Community.[7][8]

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