Sha`b Abu Nuhas

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Parts of the wreck Kimon M on Sha`b Abu Nuhas

Sha'ab Abu Nuhas (Arabic: شعب أبو النحاس‎, translit. Shaʿb Abū an-Nuḥās) is a triangular-shaped coral reef northwest of Shadwan Island in the northern Red Sea off Hurghada.

The reef is a navigation hazard because it projects into the shipping channel, as evidenced by (at least) seven shipwrecks. This includes the SS Carnatic (1896),[1] Kimon M (1978), Olden (1987), Chrisoula K (1981)[2] and Giannis D (1983).[3] The reef and the wrecks are popular for scuba diving; four of the wrecks are at a depth of more than 30 metres (98 ft).[4] The name of the reef is Arabic for "reef of father of copper", after the cargo of one of the wrecks.

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Coordinates: 27°34′01″N 33°55′01″E / 27.567°N 33.917°E / 27.567; 33.917