Shi Hui (Three Kingdoms)

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Shi Hui
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 士徽
Simplified Chinese 士徽
Vietnamese name
Vietnamese Sĩ Huy

Shi Hui (165–227) was the son of Shi Xie, the Prefect of Jiaozhi in Eastern Wu during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history. Following his father's death, he prevented Lü Dai, the appointed successor to take over his position. Shi Hui then claimed the title of prefect for his own. It was then promised that his life would be spared, he submitted to Lü Dai but was killed anyway.

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Preceded by
Shi Xie (Sĩ Nhiếp)
Inspector of the Jiaozhi
Jiao Zhou Cishi
Thái Thú Giao Châu

Succeeded by