Gu Yong

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Gu Yong
Politician of Eastern Wu
Born 168
Died 243 (aged 75)
Traditional Chinese 顧雍
Simplified Chinese 顾雍
Pinyin Gù Yōng
Wade–Giles Ku Yung
Courtesy name Yuantan (traditional Chinese: 元歎; simplified Chinese: 元叹; pinyin: Yuántàn; Wade–Giles: Yüan-tan)
Posthumous name Marquis Su (traditional Chinese: 肅侯; simplified Chinese: 肃侯; pinyin: Sù Hóu; Wade–Giles: Su Hou)
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Gu.

Not to be confused with Gu Yong (d.8 BCE) zh:谷永, minister to Emperor Cheng of Han.

Gu Yong (168–243), courtesy name Yuantan, was a minister of the state of Eastern Wu during the Three Kingdoms period. He learnt the classics and calligraphy from Cai Yong when the latter came to Wu briefly as a refugee. His family is one of the four illustrious houses of Wu (Zhu, Lu, Gu, Zhang). He became a governor of several prefectures throughout Yang Province. He was successful in pacify and integrate rebels and minorities under his jurisdiction.

When Sun Quan became the 'King of Wu', he bestowed the title of "Marquis of Yangsui District" (陽遂鄉侯) on Gu Yong. After Sun Quan declared himself 'Emperor' and established Wu in 229, Gu Yong was appointed as the chancellor.

Gu Yong was said to be a reticent person and a teetotaler, famous for his standards of personal conduct; whenever he spoke, however, he spoke with confidence and reason. He was also known for keeping silent when he disagreed with something; this was a major reason why the emperor often tested his ideas on Gu Yong to see what Gu thought of the concepts — if Gu Yong refused to comment Sun Quan would realise something had not been thought through. Gu Yong was a very modest person who did not repay his enemies with malice but always did everything according to the law.

Appointments and titles held[edit]

  • Chief of Hefei (合肥長)
  • Chief of Lou (婁長)
  • Chief of Qu'e (曲阿長)
  • Chief of Shangyu (上虞長)
  • Assistant (丞) to Administrator of Kuaiji Sun Quan
  • Left Major (左司馬)
  • Director of the Imperial Secretariat (尚書令)
  • Marquis of Yangsui District (陽遂鄉侯)
  • Minister of Ceremonies (太常)
  • Marquis of Liling (醴陵侯)
  • Chancellor (丞相)
  • Marquis Su (肅侯) - granted to Gu Yong posthumously

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