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Showa University

Showa University (昭和大学 Shōwa Daigaku?) is a private comprehensive medical university in Japan with campuses in Tokyo, Yamanashi. and Kanagawa Prefectures. It currently has four schools: medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing and rehabilitation sciences. What was to become today's Showa University was founded in 1928 as Showa Medical School (昭和医学専門学校 Shōwa Igaku Senmon Gakkō?); it was renamed Showa Medical University (昭和医科大学 Shōwa Ika Daigaku?) in 1946 before becoming Showa University in 1964 when the School of Pharmacy was established. The School of Dentistry was later established in 1977, followed by the School of Nursing and Rehabilitation Sciences in 2002. It owns 8 hospitals and 1 clinic located throughout Tokyo and Yokohama.

Teaching staff[edit]

The teaching staff have included:

Notable alumni[edit]

Students have included:


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