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Not to be confused with the variant of the XML language, Simple XML.

SimpleXML is a PHP extension that allows users to easily[1][2] manipulate/use XML data. It was introduced in PHP 5 as an object oriented approach to the XML DOM providing an object that can be processed with normal property selectors and array iterators.[3][4] It represents an easy way of getting an element's attributes and textual content if you know the XML document's structure or layout.[5]

Compared to DOM or the Expat parser, SimpleXML takes a fewer lines of code to read text data from an element.[6][7]


  • addAttribute()[8]
  • addChild()
  • asXML()
  • attributes()
  • children()
  • __construct()
  • getDocNamespaces()
  • getName()
  • getNamespaces()
  • registerXPathNamespace()
  • xpath()
  • simplexml_import_dom
  • simplexml_load_file
  • simplexml_load_string

Error handling[edit]

It is possible to suppress all XML errors when loading the document and then iterate over the errors.[9]

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