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Smoggie or Smoggy is a nickname given to people from the Middlesbrough area in Teesside, north east England, originating with visiting football supporters. It is a contraction of 'smog monster'.[1]


Originally, this was a term of abuse for supporters of Middlesbrough F.C. coined by their Sunderland A.F.C. counterparts. The name was meant to refer to the heavy air pollution once allegedly produced by the local petrochemical industry,[1][2] and from Dorman Long.[3] Though, at first, Smoggie was used as a pejorative term, it has become an example of reappropriation with many people now proudly calling themselves 'Smoggies'.[1][4]

Current usage[edit]

Though primarily directed at people from Middlesbrough, 'Smoggies' can also be applied to those from the surrounding urban area of Teesside.[5] The term was referred to by Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland MP, Tom Blenkinsop, in the House of Commons, and was recorded in Hansard, in July 2011.[6] Smoggies has occasional use as a nickname for Middlesbrough F.C..[7][6][8][4] During 31 May-12 July 2013 the Cleveland Art Society organised a major exhibition of the works of local artists entitled Smoggies Allowed in an Art Gallery.[9]

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