Society – Political Party of the Successors of Kapodistrias

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Leader Michalis Iliadis
Founded 2008
Ideology Conservatism, Christian democracy
Political position Right-wing

The Society – Political Party of the Successors of Kapodistrias (Greek: Κοινωνία - Πολιτική παράταξη συνεχιστών του Καποδίστρια) is a Greek conservative, patriotic political party, with Pro-European orientation, founded in 2008. It was founded by Emmanouil Voloudakis and its current leader is Michalis Iliadis. It first participated in the European Parliament election, 2009 and took 0.16%. In the Greek local elections, 2010 the party supported the Society of Athens for the municipality of Athens.

Electoral results[edit]

Results, 2009–2012
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Year Type of Election Votes % Mandates
2009 European Parliament 7,964 0.16 0
2009 Parliament 10,682 0.16 0
May 2012 Parliament 28,502 0.45 0
June 2012 Parliament 17,771 0.29 0
2014 European Parliament 34,487 0.60 0

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