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Sodha (Sindhi: سوڊها‎) is a Rajput clan found in the Tharparkar district of Sindh in Pakistan,In Sindh mostly the found in many villages of Tharparkar like as Kertee Pabohar Visasar etc.and Kutch, Gujarat also in Bikaner, Jaipur Rajasthan.[1] The population in Pakistan comprises between 25,000 and 30,000 families. From these, around 700-800 people travel to the Indian state of Rajasthan every year in search of a spouse. This is necessary because otherwise, being the only Rajput clan in the area, they would be intermarrying within their gotra. The Government of India has arranged special visitation rights to aid this process, extending the right to stay in India from one month to six months in certain cases.[2]


Parmara clan belongs to Agnivansha. Parmara clan was created by Rishi Vashishtha ,the teacher of Lord Rama and his 3 brothers. Parmara born from agni kund of Mount Abu . The Parmara are descendent of Lord Indra. First they ruled on Mount Abu ,after they captured the Marwad, Mewar6 Malwa, Gujrat, Sindh and Kathiwada. The great Samrath Vikramaditya king of Ujjain also belonged to this clan,and Raja Munja, Raja Bhoja, Samrath Ashoka Chandragupta Maurya and Maharani Ajabde Panwar,who married with Maharana Pratap and gave birth to Amar Singh Sisodiya,also belonged to this clan. After Mount Abu the Parmaras change their capital from Mount Abu to Chandravati,which was on the centre of routes which was going to Gujrat, Sindh, Malwa, Mewar and Marwad.

These folk tales are very famous in Rajasthan,which is in a Rajasthani language. "Prithvi bada Parmar,prithvi parmaran tani". and "Jahan Parmar tahan dhar aor jahan dhar tahan Parmar,Dhar bina Parmar nahen aor nahen Parmar bina dhar". There are 35 branches of Parmara dynasty.however Sodha and Maurya are two main branches of Parmara dynasty.


Sodha clan belongs to Parmara. Sodha are ruler of Tharparkar and Amarkot from 1226. They called the "Rana" of Sindh. The word "Sodha" means "the brave". The lineage of Sodha clan. Bahar Parmar,he had 3 child 1.Sodha 2.Sankhla 3.Wagh Sodha captured Amarkot in 1226,after that he got the conscious of Rana. Rana Sodha Rana Chachakdevsingh Rana Rajdevsingh Rana Jai Bheram Rana Jasdharsingh Rana Someshvarsingh Rana Dharabursh,he had 2 sons 1.Durjanshal and 2.Aasra.Durjanshal became ruler of Amarkot and Aasra became ruler of Nagarparkar. Rana Durjanshalsingh Rana Khenrajsingh Rana Avtardi Rana Tharasingh Rana Hamirsingh (i) Rana Dadosingh Rana Veersen Sodha Rana Tejsi Sodha Rana Chanposingh Rana Gangosingh Rana Parshad,he gave refugee to the Mughal king Humayun ,when he was defeated by Sher Shah Suri,and King Akbar also born in Amarkot. Rana Chandersen (i), Rana Bhojrajsingh Rana Esardass Sodha Rana Surtansingh Sodha Rana Aaskaran Sodha Rana Sangram Sodha Rana Mehrajsingh (i) Rana Kesarsingh Sodha Rana Khemonsingh Sodha Rana Sangramsingh Sodha (ii) Rana Shiverajsingh Sodha Rana Sabarsingh Sodha Rana Mehrajsingh Sodha (ii) Rana Bhabhotsingh Sodha Rana Suratsingh Sodha Rana Perdansingh Sodha Rana Jaswantsingh Sodha Rana Arjunsingh Sodha Rana Chandra Singh Sodha Rana Hamirsingh Sodha (ii) (still he is ruler of Amarkot)

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