Sombras & Figuras

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Sombras Y Figuras
Menudo Sombras & Figuras.jpg
Studio album by Menudo
Released 1988
Genre Latin Pop
Menudo chronology
Sons Of Rock
(1988)Sons Of Rock1988
Sombras Y Figuras
Los Últimos Héroes
(1989)Los Últimos Héroes1989

Sombras Y Figuras is the 27th album (18th in Spanish) by Menudo, released in 1988 (see 1988).

It features Ricky Martin, Sergio Blass, Rubén Gómez, Angelo García, and new member Robert Avellanet. Robert replaced Raymond Acevedo after Raymond suddenly quit the band becoming the fourth member (Miguel Cancel 1st, Robi Rosa 2nd, and Ralphy Rodríguez 3rd) ever to do so. Management had decided he would be the next member to be replaced, but Raymond left before Management had even started auditioning for his replacement. His contract had expired months prior and was permitted to stay until a replacement was found, however, after a concert in late July 1988, he returned to Puerto Rico asking his parents to pull him out of the group becoming disillusioned with management. Also, this would be Ricky Martin's last album recorded as a member of the band.

This is considered one of the best albums to come from Menudo, and the most underrated. This album also marks the beginning of a new era in Menudo, after Ricky Martin, a sort of second coming after the 80's. From then on, they were a much more mature band, the rules for retiring older members because of their age was terminated.

Track list[edit]

  1. Dulces Dieciséis [3:50] - Singer: Rubén Gómez
  2. Primero Lo Primero [4:13] - Singer: Sergio Blass
  3. Auxilio [3:46] - Singer: Ricky Martin
  4. Historia Del Primer Amor [3:35] - Singer: Robert Avellanet
  5. Escapando De Ti [3:45] - Singer: Angelo García
  6. Jóvenes [3:58] - Singer: Sergio Blass
  7. En Mis Sueños [3:22] - Singer: Angelo García
  8. Gafas Oscuras [3:55] - Singer: Ricky Martin
  9. Niña Luna [3:48] - Singer: Rubén Gómez
  10. Serenata Rock'N Roll [3:29]- Singer: Robert Avellanet