No Me Corten El Pelo

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No Me Corten El Pelo
No Me Corten El Pelo.jpg
Studio album by Menudo
Released 1990
Genre Latin Pop
Menudo chronology
Os Ultimos Herois
(1990)Os Ultimos Herois1990
No Me Corten El Pelo
Detrás De Tu Mirada
(1991)Detrás De Tu Mirada1991

No Me Corten El Pelo (1990) is Menudo's 29th album (18th in Spanish).

It features Sergio Blass, Rubén Gómez, Robert Avellanet, Rawy Torres, and Adrián Olivares. This would become Sergio's, Rubén's, Robert's and Rawy's last album recorded as members of the group. What happened in November 1990 and the beginning of 1991 almost became the end of the group.

In November 1990, Sergio Blass and Rubén Gómez were detained by Customs at Miami Airport for possession of marihuana and were immediately expelled from the group. At the beginning of 1991, Management filled the two spots with Edward Aguilera of Spain and Jonathan Montenegro of Venezuela, then a few months later the unexpected happened. Robert, Rawy, Edward, and Jonathan held a press conference and announced they were quiting the group, only Adrián remained in the group. Management moved quickly and replaced the four with new members: Alexis Grullón of Dominican descent, Abel Talamántez of Mexican descent, Andy Blázquez born in Puerto Rico, and Ashley Ruiz of Cuban descent.


  1. No Me Corten El Pelo (Singer: Robert Avellanet)
  2. Necesito Hablar Con Ella (Singer: Sergio Blass)
  3. Solamente Tú (Singer: Rawy Torres)
  4. Solo En La Madrugada (Singer: Adrian Olivares)
  5. Tú, Simplemente Tú (Singer: Ruben Gomez)
  6. Grito En La Oscuridad (Singer: Adrian Olivares)
  7. Te Recordaré (Singer: Robert Avellanet)
  8. Mi Banda Me Traicionó (Singer: Sergio Blass)
  9. Menudamente Solos (Singer: Ruben Gomez)
  10. Baila (Singer: Rawy Torres)