South Bound Saurez

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"South Bound Saurez"
Song by Led Zeppelin from the album In Through the Out Door
Released 15 August 1979
Recorded November–December, 1978
Genre Rock, hard rock, blues rock
Length 4:12
Label Swan Song
Writer(s) Jones/Plant
Producer(s) Jimmy Page
In Through the Out Door track listing
"In the Evening"
"South Bound Saurez"
"Fool in the Rain"

"South Bound Saurez" is the second track on Led Zeppelin's 1979 album In Through the Out Door. The title may contain a spelling error: it is unclear whether saurez is an attempt at spelling soirée, the French word for an evening party, or whether it refers to "Suárez", a wine-producing small town and region in Canelones, Uruguay. Support for the latter theory may exist in the lyrics, which mention "flying down" (i.e., perhaps to Uruguay, in South America); happiness in having one's feet on the ground again; and the Spanish term con carne, a dish prepared with beef.[citation needed]

The song is centered on John Paul Jones's honky-tonk piano. It is credited to Jones and singer Robert Plant. "South Bound Saurez" is one of only two Led Zeppelin songs which Jimmy Page had no part in writing (the other being "All My Love", also from In Through the Out Door). At the time, Page and drummer John Bonham were spending a lot of time together and rarely appeared at the studio when Plant and Jones started working on songs for In Through the Out Door. Page made a few minor mistakes in his guitar part, but opted to leave them in.

"South Bound Saurez" was never performed live at Led Zeppelin concerts, though some of the guitar riffs were at times included during live performances, as can be heard near the end of "Whole Lotta Love" in The Song Remains the Same.[1]


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