Mongolia–South Korea relations

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Mongolia–South Korea relations
Map indicating locations of Mongolia and South Korea


South Korea
Mongolian embassy in Seoul, South Korea.

Mongolia–South Korea relations (Mongolian: Монгол, Өмнөд Солонгосын харилцаа, Korean: 대한민국-몽골 관계) are foreign relations between South Korea and the Mongolia. Both countries established diplomatic relations on March 26, 1990. South Korea has an embassy in Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia has an embassy in Seoul.

Movement of people[edit]

Mongolians in South Korea form the largest population of Mongolian citizens abroad.[1][2] Their numbers were estimated at 33,000 as of 2008.[3] There are also about 3,500 South Koreans in Mongolia.[4] Under a bilateral agreement signed in 2006, citizens of each country residing in the other are exempted from otherwise-mandatory contributions to the national pension plans of the country they reside in.[5]

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