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Location of the state of Nevada in the United States of America

This is a list of symbols of the U.S. state of Nevada. The majority of the items in the list are officially recognized symbols created by an act of the Nevada Legislature and signed into law by the governor.


Type Symbol Year Images
Flag State seal on a blue background 1929 Nevada flag
Motto All for our country 1886
Nicknames Silver State, Battle Born State, Sagebrush State n/a
Seal The Seal of Nevada 1886 Seal of Nevada
Song Home Means Nevada 1933
Steam locomotive Nevada Northern Railway #40 2009 Nevada Northern Railway #40


Type Symbol Year [1]
Flower Sagebrush
(Artemisia tridentata)
1917 Sagebrush
Tree Bristlecone pine
(Pinus longaeva)
1953 Single-leaf pinyon


Type Symbol Year Image
Bird Mountain bluebird
(Sialia currucoides)
1967 Mountain bluebird
Animal Desert bighorn sheep
(Ovis canadensis nelsoni)
1973 Desert bighorned baby
Fish Lahontan cutthroat trout
(Oncoryhnchus clarki henshawi)
Cutthroat trout
Fossil Ichthyosaur (Shonisaurus popularis)[2][3] Ichthyosaur
Reptile Desert tortoise
(Gopherus agassizii)
1989 Desert tortoise
Vivid Dancer Damselfly
(Argia vivida)[4]
2009 Vivid dancer, Argia vivida


Type Symbol Year Image
Mineral Silver 1977 Silver
Rock Sandstone 1987 Sandstone

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