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Family name
A very rocky field near The May above Mochrum Loch - - 319667.jpg
A stone-filled meadow
Pronunciation /ˈstænl/
Meaning "stone leigh"
Region of origin The Heptarchy (Anglo-Saxon England)
Language(s) of origin Old English
Related names Stoneley (archaic), Stanly, Lea (Lee, Leigh)
Gender Male
Word/name From the surname
Region of origin England
Other names
Alternative spelling Stanly, Stanlee
Nickname(s) Stan
Related names Lee, Leigh

Stanley is a family name and masculine given name dating from the 11/12th century contraction of Stone (pronounced "Stan") and Leigh (meadow).

It is also believed[by whom?] to be a Mediaeval contraction of the modern-day English-speaking forename "Stephen" following Spanish roots from the name "Esteban"[citation needed] or the Polish name "Stanislas", given after St. Stanislaus of Szczepanów Bishop and Martyr. Stanislas was a popular name in Britain and Scandinavia before the Reformation, still given in France, Austria and Italy.

Persons with the given name Stanley[edit]

Persons with the last name Stanley[edit]

English nobility and gentry[edit]

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