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Prisoners of Pax Tharkas

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Gamebook is a series of 18 gamebooks published from 1985 to 1988. The series was initially titled Super Endless Quest Adventure Gamebook as the books added a more complex game system to stories which otherwise share the same style with the Endless Quest books. On the third book the series' title changed to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Super Endless Quest Adventure Gamebook and it finally became Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Gamebook from the fourth book onwards.

Books in the series[edit]

# Title Setting Author Published Cover by Interior Art by ISBN Ref[1]
1 Prisoners of Pax Tharkas Dragonlance Morris Simon 1985-02 Keith Parkinson Mark Nelson ISBN 0-88038-209-0
2 The Ghost Tower Greyhawk Jean Blashfield 1985-05 Keith Parkinson Larry Day ISBN 0-88038-215-5
3 Escape from Castle Quarras Generic D&D Douglas Niles 1985-06 Jeff Easley Mark Nelson ISBN 0-88038-252-X
4 The Soulforge Dragonlance Terry Phillips 1985-09 Keith Parkinson Mark Nelson ISBN 0-88038-254-6
5 Test of the Ninja 13th Century Japan Curtis Smith 1985-11 Clyde Caldwell Gary Williams ISBN 0-88038-260-0
6 Master of Ravenloft AD&D Ravenloft Jean Blashfield 1986-01 Clyde Caldwell Gary Williams ISBN 0-88038-261-9
7 Sceptre of Power Kingdom of Sorcery Trilogy, vol 1 Morris Simon 1986-03 Keith Parkinson George Barr ISBN 0-88038-285-6
8 Nightmare Realm of Baba Yaga Generic D&D Roger E. Moore 1986-05 Jeff Easley Mark Nelson ISBN 0-88038-286-4
9 The Sorcerer's Crown Kingdom of Sorcery Trilogy, vol 2 Morris Simon 1986-07 Clyde Caldwell George Barr ISBN 0-88038-308-9
10 Lords of Doom Dragonlance Douglas Niles 1986-09 Larry Elmore Diana Magnuson ISBN 0-88038-309-7
11 Clash of the Sorcerers Kingdom of Sorcery Trilogy, vol 3 Morris Simon 1986-11 Keith Parkinson George Barr ISBN 0-88038-310-0
12 Curse of the Werewolf Generic D&D Chris Martindale 1987-02 Tim Hildebrandt Stephen (Steve) Fabian ISBN 0-88038-432-8
13 Gates of Death Generic D&D Terry Phillips 1987-05 Carl Lundgren Jan Duursema ISBN 0-88038-433-6
14 Trail Sinister Generic D&D James Brumbaugh 1987-08 Jeff Easley George Barr ISBN 0-88038-453-0
15 The Vanishing City Generic D&D Allen Varney 1987-11 Clyde Caldwell Doug Chaffee ISBN 0-88038-434-4
16 Shadow over Nordmaar Dragonlance Dezra Despain 1988-02 Clyde Caldwell Mark Nelson ISBN 0-88038-541-3
17 Spawn of Dragonspear Forgotten Realms Steve Perrin 1988-05 Keith Parkinson Douglas Ball ISBN 0-88038-570-7
18 Prince of Thieves Generic D&D Chris Martindale 1988-08 Jeff Easley Chris Miller ISBN 0-88038-596-0


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