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This is a list of supermarket and other retail chains in Romania . The concept of supermarkets or hypermarkets came to Romania after 1989 and most supermarkets are made up of joint ventures between Romanian and foreign investors. Since 2000, there has been a strong growth in the number of supermarkets in the country, particularly in Bucharest and other main urban areas.


Name Stores First store in Romania Parent
Auchan [1] 33 2006 France Mulliez Group
Logo Carrefour sans texte.png Carrefour [2] 25 2001 France Carrefour Group
Cora logo.svg Cora [3] 11 2002 Belgium Louis Delhaize Group
Real,-Logo.svg Real [4] 4 2006 Germany Metro AG

Note: 20 Real stores were acquired by Auchan.[1]

Discount hypermarkets[edit]

Name Stores First store in Romania Parent
Kaufland 2016 horizontal.svg Kaufland 112 2005 Germany Schwarz Gruppe

Cash & carry[edit]

Name Stores First store in Romania Parent
Logo METRO.svg Metro 32 1996 Germany Metro AG
Selgros logo.png Selgros 19 2001 Switzerland TransGourmet

List of cash & carry shops in Romania[edit]


Name Stores First store in Romania Parent
Mega Image logo.png Mega Image 412[2] 1995 Belgium Delhaize Group
Logo Carrefour Market.svg Carrefour Market 108 2001 France Carrefour Group
Billa-Logo.svg Billa 87 1999 France Carrefour Group
- Unicarm 72 - Romania Unicarm

List of supermarkets in Romania[edit]

Discount supermarkets[edit]

Name Stores First store in Romania Parent
- Profi 330[3] 2000 Poland Enterprise Investors
Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG logo.svg Lidl 195 2011 Germany Schwarz Gruppe
Penny Market logo 2014.png Penny Market 150 2005 Germany REWE Group
Penny Market XXL logo.png Penny Market XXL 7 2001 Germany REWE Group

List of supermarkets in Romania[edit]

Convenience stores[edit]

Name Stores First store in Romania Parent
Shop & Go 94[4] 2010 Belgium Delhaize Group
La Doi Pasi 94[4] 2012 Germany Metro Group
AB Cool Food 1[5] 2013 Belgium Delhaize Group

Home Improvement, do it yourself, and furniture[edit]

Name Stores First store in Romania
Romania Dedeman 37 1992
Romania Mobexpert 36 1993
RomaniaGermany Praktiker (in February 2014, acquired by Search Chemicals[6]) 27 2002
Romania Arabesque 18 1994
France Leroy Merlin 17 2011
Romania Ambient 16 1995
FranceUnited Kingdom Brico Dépôt, formerly Bricostore (in June 2013, acquired by Kingfisher; to be rebranded as Brico Dépôt[7]) 15 2002
Germany Hornbach 5 2007
France Mr. Bricolage 3 2006
Sweden IKEA 1 2007
Austria Baumax (in July 2014, acquired by the French group Adeo detaining the Leroy Merlin stores chain [6]) 0 2006
Germany OBI 0 2008

Consumer electronics[edit]

Name Stores





Media Galaxy





Name Stores

Peek & Cloppenburg


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