Surf-Bored Cat

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Surf-Bored Cat
Tom and Jerry series
Surf-Bored Cat.jpg
Title Card
Directed byAbe Levitow
Title director:
Chuck Jones (uncredited)
Produced byChuck Jones
Story byBob Ogle
Voices byMel Blanc
William Hanna (gasping)
Billy Bletcher
Music byDean Elliott
Animation byDick Thompson
Philip Roman
Ben Washam
Hal Ambro
Don Towsley
Carl Bell
StudioMGM Animation/Visual Arts
Distributed byMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date(s)
  • May 5, 1967 (1967-05-05)
Color processMetrocolor
Running time6:38
Preceded byThe Mouse from H.U.N.G.E.R.
Followed byShutter Bugged Cat

Surf-Bored Cat is a 1967 Tom and Jerry cartoon short directed by Abe Levitow and produced by Chuck Jones.


The title card and credits are first shown. As Tom and Jerry are on a cruise ship heading to a tropical Caribbean beach, Tom looks out the window seeing a surfer riding a wave. Tom leaps for joy and hastily prepares to go surfing, accidentally waking up Jerry. Tom carries his surfboard out to the deck, runs into many bumps, and falls until he finally makes it to the sea out of a fishing boat. Tom lands on a large blue lump, which turns out to be a shark. Tom peers over at the other of surfers and hits the shark in the head, knocking it out.

Tom surfs a large wave but spots the interrupting shark below him, laughing demonically. Tom pulls himself up to the top of the wave but wipes out. He bursts out of the surface with the shark pursuing him. Tom speeds away from the shark, launching himself a foot into the air. He taunts the shark but scrapes the sand and runs into a rock. As a mound of sand covers him, the surfboard hits the rock, giving the mound the appearance of a grave. Jerry walks to the "grave", drops a flower onto it, and takes off his hat as a salute. Tom's hand then emerges from the grave and grabs Jerry before he sits up, the flower in his mouth, which he spits out As Jerry laughs sheepishly, the sand on top of Tom's head falls away and reveals a red starfish has latched onto his head.

The starfish enlarges one of its legs on Toms nose and does an impression of Jimmy Durante. After that, Tom tries to get the starfish off of his head by tugging him off, but doesn't succeed, much to Jerry's amusement. Tom eventually gets the starfish off to his head, but it latches onto his hands. He tries to get the starfish off by pushing it with his foot. Tom succeeds, but he doesn't notice that the starfish is now stuck on his foot until he starts walking. He tries to pull the starfish off, but it latches onto his head again. Jerry whispers into Tom's ear a plan: run into the rock headfirst. Despite the starfish's protests, Tom carries out the plan and hits the rock with his head. Tom, noticing that the starfish is still on his head, cries while pointing at it and the rock. Just then, a bump forms on Tom's head, causing the starfish to jump off from Tom's head and run away, yelping.

Tom celebrates, until he notices Jerry has stolen his surfboard. As Jerry does a sombrero dance with his hat, puts the hat back on and poses, Tom takes the surfboard and waves at the mouse. Jerry flies through the air and lands into a coconut tree. Jerry gets his head lodged in a coconut and acts like a monkey. Tom paddles away but encounters the shark yet again. Tom jumps off his surfboard and swims to shore, causing the board to fly into the shark's mouth, and stick out of the end of his tail. As Tom laughs, the board slingshots itself out of the shark and into Tom's mouth when he's laughing, causing him to swallow his surfboard. The shark laughs hysterically and departs. Jerry uses Tom as the surfboard and Tom decides to make the most of it as the cartoon irises out.

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