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Swinxs, developed by Dutch company Swinxs BV, is a so-called ‘games console’ for children between the ages of 4 and 12 years. The screen-free games console is suitable for in-and-outdoor play and makes use of RFID technology, audio and light. The portable console engages kids in physical, creative and educational play by using its voice in combination with sound and color. Swinxs was first introduced in the Netherlands in spring 2008. In the fourth quarter of 2008 Swinxs was available in the UK, Spain, Portugal and Italy. The Middle East and South America followed in early 2009. Since August 2009 Swinxs is available in the United States.


The console was designed by Khodi Feiz of Feiz Design. Swinxs has a simple user interface. The input is generated by three buttons (white, green, red), the RFID-reader, an accelerometer, a microphone and a USB port. This USB port makes it possible to connect Swinxs to a PC or Macintosh. This way scores can be uploaded and new games, audiobooks and/or music can be downloaded. Swinxs comes with an internal battery which when fully charged will run for approximately four hours.

The Wristbands[edit]

The wristbands are equipped with RFID chips that communicate with the Swinxs console. The wristbands are an important element when playing Swinxs games.

The games[edit]

There are currently over 25 games ranging from ‘active’ games like relay and duel to quizzes and ‘educational’ games. In October 2008 Swinxs launched card games that created a new suite of games. By linking Swinxs to the computer using a USB cable it is possible to upload gamescores to a personal homepage on the Swinxs website. This website is also used for downloading new games.

Swinxs Talk[edit]

The games are written in the Swinxs Talk program language, originating from the industrial robotica (Programmable Logic Controllers) and is based on the concept of Finite State Machines. The compiler of this language is free.

The SDK[edit]

The Software Development Kit makes it possible to create your own Swinxs games. The Software Development Kit and the game source codes are released and can be downloaded from the Swinxs website. In order to program and test new games the SDK is equipped with an emulator.



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