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Flag of Quebec.svg

Quebec is one of Canada's provinces, and has established several provincial symbols.[1][2]

Official symbols[edit]

Symbol Image Adopted Remarks
Coat of arms Coat of Arms of Quebec
Coat of Arms of Quebec
December 9, 1939 Originally Granted by a Royal Warrant of Queen Victoria on May 26, 1868; the coat of arms was revised by the Quebec government in 1939
Motto Je Me Souviens I remember December 9, 1939 Granted with other elements of the coat of arms
Shield of Arms Shield of Arms of Quebec 1868 The shield was granted by the Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria
Flag Flag of Quebec
Flag of Ontario
January 21, 1948
Provincial Symbol Fleur de lis
Fleur de lis
Floral Blue Flag
Iris versicolor
Blue Flag
Bird Snowy owl
Bubo scandiacus
Snowy owl
Tree Yellow birch
Betula alleghaniensis Britton
Yellow birch

Non official symbols[edit]

Symbol Image Remarks
Tartan Blue, red, gold, and white All the colours are taken from the coat of arms of Quebec [3]


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