TV4 (Polish TV channel)

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Picture format1080i HDTV
(downscaled to 16:9 576i for the SDTV feed)
OwnerPolskie Media (2000-2014)
Telewizja Polsat (2014-present)
Sister channelsTV6
Launched1 April 2000; 23 years ago (2000-04-01)
ReplacedNasza TV
Digital terrestrial televisionChannel 6

TV4 is a Polish free-to-air television channel originally owned by Polskie Media. It was founded through the merger of Nasza TV and Polsat 2 and started broadcasting on 1 April 2000. In August 2013, Polskie Media was acquired by Telewizja Polsat, and since 2014, Polsat became a direct broadcaster of TV4.


TV4 was established on April 1, 2000 as a result of the merger of Nasza TV (1998–2000) and Polsat 2 in its initial format (1997–2000). From the beginning of TV4's existence until 2005, the TV Odra stations started relaying TV4, thus extending the network of transmitters. Each of the local stations had guaranteed daily slots to broadcast their own programs. With time, however - for financial reasons - subsequent TV stations resigned from broadcasting them (in practice, simply becoming transmitters of the TV4 signal). Each of the TV Odra stations - apart from their own local broadcast slots for several hours a day - still carried the channel, except for NTL Radomsko which has been rebroadcasting TVN since September 2005.

TV4 mainly broadcasts movies and series as well as entertainment and cultural programs. From March 2007 to the first half of 2011, the program was broadcast around the clock. Later, TV4 started between 5.05am and 6.40am and ended between 2.00am and 4.30am. From August 2013, the station is again broadcasting 24 hours a day. On March 1, 2012, TV4 switched to the 16:9 aspect ratio with WSS signal. On June 17, 2013, TV4 ended analogue terrestrial broadcasting and from that day on, it is broadcast only digitally. On January 1, 2014, Telewizja Polsat became the owner of the station that so far was formally owned by the Polskie Media holding (which since August 30, 2013 was 100% owned by Telewizja Polsat).

On October 1, 2015, TV4 launched its HD feed along with three other channels (Polsat 2 HD, Polsat Play HD, Polsat Cafe HD).

On 30 March 2017, TV4 unveiled its last new graphics package, designed by SADAJ. The idents consists of a girl or a ballerina dancing around the screen. The logo remained unchanged.

Since September 15, 2020, the channel's signal is broadcast on the Internet on the ipla VOD website belonging to the broadcaster.

On 3 August 2023, TV4, along with TV6, were rebranded again with new logos and graphics derived from the main parent channel Polsat.

Major programmes[edit]

Title Translation of the title Based on Type Year(s) aired
Big Brother[a] Big Brother Big Brother reality show 2007–2008
Daję słowo I give you my word Páli vám to? game show 2003–2006
Galileo Galileo Galileo popular science since 2007
Gwiazdy kabaretu Cabaret stars comedy since 2018
Hole in the Wall Hole in the Wall Hole in the Wall game show 2009
Kinomaniak Cinema-goer magazine 2002–2011
Kłamczuch Cheater Dirty Rotten Cheater game show 2008–2009
Lingo[b] Lingo Lingo game show 2007
Mała czarna Cafe noir talk-show, lifestyle 2007–2013; then moved to Polsat Café
Muzyczne listy Music letters music videos compilation ca. 2000–2012
Policjantki i policjanci Policewomen and policemen docu-soap since 2014
Spadkobiercy Inheritors improvised comedy TV series 2008–2013, 2017
Sprawiedliwi – Wydział kryminalny Fair-minded – Criminal Department TV series since 2016
STOP Drogówka[c] STOP Traffic police hidden camera / documentary magazine since 2010
Włatcy móch[d] Lords of Flies animated sitcom (black comedy) 2006–2011

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  1. ^ Seasons four and five only.
  2. ^ In 1990s TVP2 aired a game show based on the same format (it was, however, entitled 5 × 5 – wygrajmy razem (5 × 5 – let’s win together).
  3. ^ A continuation of Drogówka.
  4. ^ The original title is intentionally misspelled.

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