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TV6 Estonia
TV6 logotyp.png
Launched 24 March 2008
Owned by Modern Times Group
Audience share 2.1% Increase (January 2017, Kantar Emor)
Broadcast area Estonia
Headquarters Peterburi tee 81, Tallinn, Estonia
Sister channel(s) TV3 (Estonia),
ZuumTV Channel 11 [1]
Viasat Channel 4
Starman Channel 6
Elion Channel 11
Telset Channel 23
Elion Channel 6 in Start-TV and Estonian main package, channel 77 in Slavic main package

TV6 Estonia is an entertainment television channel broadcasting to Estonia featuring series, music, fashion and sports.

The channel's programming has been primarily geared towards men, and features a selection of cartoons, TV series and movies from comedy, reality, action-adventure, science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres.

Local programming typically features one local soap opera, one local reality television show, and a bevy of local sports shows and live sports transmissions.

Television shows broadcast on the channel are mostly U.S.-based, and current fare includes The Simpsons, Family Guy, Fresh Off the Boat, The Big Bang Theory, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., New Girl, and Last Man on Earth.

History and availability[edit]

It was launched on 24 March 2008, as all of the current channels (the big three — ETV, Kanal 2, TV3) were obliged to have digital sister channels at or by the end of March 2008. On 9 January 2010,[dubious ] Although TV6 Estonia did leave the free-to-air MUX1, it continues programming in terrestrial subscription-based MUX2, and is also available on cable and IPTV. Estonia turned analogue television transmissions off on 1 July 2010.[2]

Selection of currently airing programming[edit]

As of January 2017:[3]

Previous programming[edit]



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