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TVPaint Animation
Developer(s) TVPaint Developpement
Initial release 1991; 27 years ago (1991)
Stable release
TVPaint Animation (11.0.2) / July 27, 2015; 2 years ago (2015-07-27)
Written in C++
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, AmigaOS (from v1.0 to 3.59)
Type Raster graphics editor, animation and storyboarding software
License Proprietary

TVPaint Animation (also known as TVPaint, TVP, Bauhaus Mirage or NewTek Aura) is a 2D paint and digital animation software package developed by TVPaint Developpement SARL based in Lorraine (France). Originally released for Amiga in 1991, version 3.0 (1994) introduced support for other platforms. In 1999, the last Amiga version 3.59 was released as free download.[1][2]

Versions history[edit]

Version Date Platform Notes
TVPaint Animation 11 Pro 2015 Windows, Mac OS X (Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8), Maverick (10.9), Yosemite (10.10), El Capitan (10.11) & Sierra (10.12)), Linux (Ubuntu 12.04+, Debian 6+, RedHat Entreprise Linux 5+, Fedora 15+) (TVPaint Animation 11 Standard/TVPaint Animation 11 Pro)
TVPaint Animation 10 Pro 2011 Windows, Linux (Ubuntu 10.04+, Debian 6+, RedHat Entreprise Linux 5+, Fedora 15+), Mac OS X, Mac Intel (TVPaint Animation 10 Standard / TVPaint Animation 10 Pro)
TVP Animation Standard and Pro 9.5 2009 Windows, Mac OS X, Mac Intel (TVPaint Animation 9.5 Standard / TVPaint Animation 9.5 Pro) This new version contains many great features like : a Storyboard tool, a Peg-hole tracker, a Smear mode, a Camera tool, a Out of Pegs feature and many panels and features are improved.
TVP Animation Standard and Pro 9 2008 Windows, Mac OS X, Mac Intel (TVPaint Animation 9 Standard / TVPaint Animation 9 Pro) TVP Animation 9.0 Standard Edition contains many improvement : the layer blending modes, the Panel Bin feature, the TimeLine Notes, the TVPX format, the Drawing Recorder... In addition to all those improvements, the Professional version allows to integrate numerous audio tracks, to mix layers with many blending modes and gets four separately customizable workspaces. Each workspace's panel layouts and hot keys can be customized to a different stage of your animation (for researches, storyboards etc..).
TVP Animation Pro 8.5 2007 Windows, Mac OS X, Mac Intel (TVPaint Animation 8.5 Standard / TVPaint Animation 8.5 Pro) A major free update is released in June 2007. This update contains an instance system allowing you to easily time your animation, profiles on tool's connection for a custom behavior and new customizable interface look.
TVP Animation 8.1.1 2006 Windows, Mac OS X, Mac Intel (TVPaint Animation 8 Pro) In June 2006, release of the first software based on the TVPaint Technology 8.1: TVP Animation Standard Edition. This version is dedicated for animators and allow them to create an animation from scratch to the end. Many improvements are made, such as supporting to the new Mac Intel, a rotative canvas like on a real drawing table, new drawing tools behavior, new special effects for saving time to the animators, etc... TVP Animation 8.1 is developed and distributed by TVPaint Développement.
TVPaint Animation 8.0 2006 Windows, Mac OS X, Mac Intel (TVPaint Animation 8 Standard) TVPaint Developpement begins distributing their products under their own name. TVP Animation is dedicated to graphic creation and 2D animation. It is 100% compatible with MacIntel computers. New Effects : MultiPlane camera, Rotating project, Toon Shading, Add Border, Scan Cleaner, Lens Flare.
Mirage 1.5 (TVPaint 7.5) 2005 Windows, Mac OS X German and Spanish support, more effects including Color Replacer and customizable toolbar interface. Scanners with paper feeders supported.
Mirage 1.0 (TVPaint 7.0) 2003, 2005 PC, Mac OS X, Casablanca (CBPaint) Bauhaus Software begins distributing Mirage in the US for Microsoft Windows / Mac OS X.[3][4] FX Stack, volumetric lights, and enhanced light table added.
Aura 2.5b(TVPaint 6.5b)[5] 2003 Windows LW unwrap mesh function for drawing textures in a project
Aura 2.0 (TVPaint 6.0) 2000 Windows Support for sound tracks, 16-bit drawing masks, selection tools and pixel tracker added (PC/DECAlpha)
Aura 1.0 (TVPaint 5.0) 1998 Windows TVPaint marketed by Newtek under the name of Aura for PC/DECAlpha systems[6]
TVPaint 4.0 1997 Windows, SGI Layers became animatable. Projects were also given the ability to support an unlimited number of layers.
TVPaint 3.0 1994 Amiga,[7] Windows, SGI, SUN (graphiti) This release was the first to arrive for the PC, though the Amiga continued to be supported. ARexx scripting was supplanted by George scripting. Also, TVPaint Junior, a light version of TVPaint, was being bundled with the Picasso and EGS video cards.
TVPaint 2.0 1993 Amiga[8] First appearance of a multi-window GUI, Propelling Pencil & Chalk added
TVPaint 1.0 1991 Amiga[9] TVPaint's first incarnation was a 32-bit painting software on the Amiga called TVPaint, programmed by a student of the Metz Academy of Arts.

Notable feature films created with TVPaint[edit]

Notable short-movies created with TVPaint[edit]

Notable animated series created with TVPaint[edit]

  • C'est Bon, a French animated series produced by Folimage,[22] with the voice of Jean-Pierre Coffe as the narrator.
  • Tu mourras moins bête (can be translated in You'll die smarter), a French animated series produced by Folimage and created by Marion Montaigne and aired by Arte[23]
  • Simon's Cat, an animated cartoon and book series by the British animator Simon Tofield. It was created using Adobe Flash, and TVPaint was used in the episodes Scaredy Cat,[24] Snow Cat[25] and in the Off to the vet special.
  • Gigglebug, originally an iPad app made by Anima Boutique,[26] is a Finnish[27] animated series, expected to air in April 2016[28]


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