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Ancestral Human?[edit]

What is meant by "ancestral human" in the opening paragraph? If it means "ancestor of humans" then we shouldn't state it so directly in light of recent research. Quoting from the Peking Man article:

Some Chinese paleoanthropologists have asserted in the past that the modern Chinese (and possibly other ethnic groups) are descendants of Peking Man. However, modern genetic research does not support this hypothesis. A recent study undertaken by Chinese geneticist Jin Li showed that the genetic diversity of modern Chinese people is well within the whole world population. This shows that there could not have been any inter-breeding between modern human immigrants to East Asia and Homo erectus, such as Peking Man, and affirms that the Chinese are descended from Africa, like all other modern humans, in accordance with the Recent single-origin hypothesis.[8][9][10] However, some paleontologists still see continuity in skeletal remains.[11]

I'll slap a dubious tag on for now. Readin (talk) 04:24, 27 October 2008 (UTC)

Modified accordingly. Ekem (talk) 00:30, 28 October 2008 (UTC)


At no place in the scientific literature do I see Lantian man described as a "subspecies" of Homo erectus. Kortoso (talk) 18:51, 30 March 2016 (UTC)