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Titling inconsistency[edit]

We have three articles on two of the patriarchs and one of their altarpieces that are titled inconsistently:

The names Pellegrinus, Pellegrino and Pilgrim are synonymous. "Ortenbourg" is just Italian for "Ortenburg". Our second Pellegrino is the Pellegrinus II of the altarpiece. "Di" is just Italian for "of". I would prefer to re-title the patriarchs by ordinal (I and II) and then update the altarpiece to match. I would also prefer "Pilgrim" because it is English (and German, which the patriarchs were) over the Italian or Latin forms. Any objection? Srnec (talk) 22:38, 1 December 2013 (UTC)

Contemporary sources would have used the Latin "Pellegrinus". Some of the English sources follow the German and use "Pilgrim", but most follow the Italian and use Pellegrino. Common English usage is the way to go. Google books gives
  • "Pellegrino II" Aquileia 95 results. The first ten include five English, five Italian results. After that they are mostly Italian, but some English.
  • "Pilgrim II" Aquileia 36 results. The first is the English 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia, then they are all German.
  • "Pellegrinus II" Aquileia gives 8 results, 3 English, 3 German, 1 Italian and 1 Latin.
It is a mistake to identify the German given name "Pilgrim" or "Piligrim" with the English word, which is very rarely used as a given name. The English sources lean heavily towards Pellegrino. If the ordinal is used, it should by followed by "of Aquileia", e.g. "Pellegrino II of Aquileia". Pilgrim II is a horse.

Catholic bishops[edit]

There is at least one contemporary Orthodox prelate called Metropolitan of Aquileia (et al.) - should this article specify "This is a list of Catholic bishops ..."? --Richardson mcphillips (talk) 21:07, 4 October 2014 (UTC)