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Talking Tom and Friends
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Logo of the franchise
Creator Outfit7
Original work Video game series
Owner Outfit7
Films and television
Animated series
  • Talking Friends
  • Talking Tom Shorts
  • Talking Tom and Friends
  • Talking Tom and Friends Minis
Video games Talking Tom and Friends
  • Talking Tom
  • Talking Ben
  • Superstar Toys

Talking Tom and Friends is a media franchise created and owned by Outfit7 Limited. The franchise focuses on various anthropomorphic animal characters featured in various mobile apps. As of July 2016, the apps have achieved more than 4.5 billion downloads.[1]


Talking Tom[edit]

Talking Tom is the lead character in the Talking Tom and Friends franchise. Tom is a wisecracking, adventure-seeking anthropomorphic cat, described as the "world's most popular cat."[2]

Talking Tom is a fully animated interactive 3D character that users can tickle, poke and play with in the apps. Users can also get Tom to repeat what they say.[3] The original Talking Tom Cat app was launched in July 2010 for iOS, closely followed by Talking Tom 2 in 2011.

The My Talking Tom app was launched in November 2013.[4] This interactive app sees users raise their very own Tom from a kitten to a fully-grown tomcat,[5] caring for him and customizing his fur, clothes and home. My Talking Tom had over 11 million downloads and was the top games app in 135 countries worldwide within 10 days of its launch.[6]

Talking Tom also appears in other apps in the Talking Tom and Friends series: Tom Loves Angela, Talking Tom & Ben News and Tom's Love Letters. He is also a guest in Talking Pierre the Parrot.

In the Talking Tom and Friends animated series, he is voiced by Colin Hanks.

Talking Angela[edit]

Talking Angela is the feline crush and girlfriend of Talking Tom in the series.[7] She is a stylish kitty with a love of travel and singing; Angela's chart-topping YouTube music videos have racked up millions of views.[8]

The Talking Angela chatbot app was released in December 2012 for iOS and in January 2013 for Android. There also is a "My Talking Angela" app. Just like "My Talking Tom" you raise your very own Angela cat from a kitten to a full grown cat. Unlike "My Talking Tom", My Talking Angela is more realistic. Talking Angela has also appeared in other apps in Outfit7's flagship entertainment franchise: Tom's Love Letters and Tom Loves Angela. Angela also appears as a guest in Talking Tom Gold Run and Talking Tom Jetski.

In the Talking Tom and Friends animated series, she is voiced by Lisa Schwartz.

Talking Ginger[edit]

Talking Ginger is a seven-year-old mischievous, fun-loving anthropomorphic kitten and the nephew of Talking Tom.[9] Talking Ginger made his debut in December 2011 in the Talking Santa Meets Ginger app. His own app, Talking Ginger, was released in August 2012. Fun and educational, the app has been described as making the process of going to bed and brushing teeth "a fun adventure for the whole family." Talking Ginger 2 (formerly Ginger's Birthday) was released in April 2013. [10] Talking Ginger has also appeared in other Talking Tom and Friends apps: Ginger's Birthday (Talking Ginger 2). Talking Ginger also makes appearances in the Tom Loves Angela app.

In the Talking Tom and Friends animated series, he is voiced by Maria Bamford.

Talking Ben[edit]

Talking Ben is a twenty-two-year-old brown dog and Tom's best friend.

The Talking Ben the Dog app was launched in April 2011 on iOS. This 3D canine character with a love of science[11] has also appeared in the Talking Tom & Ben News app. He has also made guest appearances in Talking Tom Cat 2'.

In the Talking Tom and Friends animated series, he is voiced by James Adomian.

Talking Pierre[edit]

Talking Pierre is an anthropomorphic parrot with a love of all things musical.[12] Pierre made his debut in the Talking Pierre the Parrot app in December 2011 on iOS.

Talking Hank[edit]

Talking Hank is a blue-and-white dog with a love of TV with a fiery passion. He is Tom's roommate and fan and Ginger's role model. Hank's name translation in France is Honk and he saw every sitcom made from years 1986 to 1994. He appeared in Talking Tom's new reality TV show Christmas audition video.

In the Talking Tom and Friends animated series, he is voiced by Tom Kenny, who is famous for voicing the titular character from the popular Nickelodeon animated TV series SpongeBob SquarePants.

User-made content[edit]

Fans of Talking Tom and Friends use the integrated social media functions in the apps to create and share their videos on social media sites. User-made videos range from Talking Tom singing Blow the Man Down and dancing Gangnam style, to Benjamin Netanyahu's recorded message.


The Talking Tom and Friends brand has expanded beyond second screen entertainment in the years since its launch in 2010.[13] There is now branded merchandise, YouTube music videos,[14] an animated web series[15] and a 3D animated series.


Talking Tom and Talking Angela's music video for their single "You Get Me",[16] created in cooperation with Walt Disney Records/Hollywood Records, has received over 290 million views on YouTube as of September 2016. Talking Angela has also recorded her first solo song called ‘That's Falling in Love’.[17]

Films and television[edit]

Talking Friends[edit]

Talking Friends is the first animated web series which translated on Disney's official YouTube channel. The series was launched since June 8 to August 31, 2012, and produced by Disney Interactive Studios.

# Title Date of Release Summary
1 Attack of the Tech! June 8, 2012 Tom and Ben's robot goes out of control attacking their cars and homes. However, This does not make Pierre feel amused.
2 Foolf June 15, 2012 Ben gets inspiration of mixing golf and football together.
3 Jet Pack Cat June 22, 2012 Ginger wants to ride Tom's jetpack but Tom says no. When Ginger tries to make Gina ride the jetpack, the jetpack crashes and breaks.
4 Newserator June 29, 2012 Ben creates the Newserator 2000, but all it does is give news. Later, Tom and Ben decide to destroy the robot. Pierre suddenly destroys it by throwing a tomato at it.
5 Rock the Catsbah July 6, 2012 A female cat, Angela, needs to get an idea for her rock star club. Later, Tom, Ben, Ginger and Pierre come up with an idea.
6 Shake that Tail August 3, 2012 Ben wants to try out his idea, but Tom instead comes up with just a party.
7 Multipli-Kitty August 10, 2012 Ben has a gadget that can duplicate anything. Tom gets too greedy when he wants to clone himself.
8 Super Tom August 17, 2012 Ben uses his super power maker when everyone wants superpowers. Later, their armadillo accidentally touches the device, making him gigantic.
9 Angry Parrots August 24, 2012 Pierre gets too focused on his game, thinking his friends are the zombies.
10 Tom After Tom August 31, 2012 Ben uses his time machine elevator for everyone to choose their favorite station in the 50's, 80's, 60's, 20's. Angela's 20's station gets everyone bored since it's black and white, so Ben gives up.

Talking Tom and Friends[edit]

Outfit7 Limited launched a 52-webisode animated series called Talking Tom and Friends in 2015, based on the antics of Talking Tom and his Friends. The show is produced by the Austrian animation-studio 'arx anima'. This is the cast:

The series was on a mid-season break on the day "Man on the Moon" aired, which was August 13, 2015. The series came back to YouTube on October 8, 2015, starting with the episode, "Man on the Moon 2". They also went on another break since episode 22 and didn't release 23 called The Perfect Roommate until March 10, 2016. Turner Broadcasting System Europe have acquired the UK television rights to Talking Tom and Friends and airs on Boomerang UK in September 2016.[18] In August 2016 it was announced that the show was greenlighted for Season 2 in 2017 with the entire voice cast returning.[19]

Pilot (2014)[edit]

# Title Release Date Summary Guest Voice
0 The Audition December 23, 2014 Tom wants to make an audition video to convince TV producers to give him his own reality show, but not everything goes as planned. Tom Kenny as Santa

Season 1 (2015–16)[edit]

# Title Release Date Summary Guest Voice
1 Untalking Tom April 30, 2015 Tom and Ben enter their Shockingly Secure Anti-theft app in the prestigious "So-You-Think-You-Can-App-App-Design-Contest, but when Tom accidentally electrocutes himself, Ben misunderstands him and storms off to present it himself. Brian Stack as Doctor Internet Doctor and CEO
2 Friendly Customer Service June 4, 2015 After Tom releases the Talking Ben app prematurely, there are so many angry customers Ben can't fix bugs and handle customer service, so he fixes up Gilbert, an answering machine. However, he programs him to not let anyone go until they are his friend, so when Tom and Ben try to leave without him, Gilbert won't let them leave the garage until they're friends. Matt Gourley as Gilbert
3 Future Tron May 21, 2015 Tom and Ben are just like Steve Hobbs and Steve Bosniak, so when they break up Tom and Ben are afraid that they will too. They use the Future Tron 6000 to find out. As it turns out, their future is worse, so they try to fix it, but nothing works. They begin to fight until Angela points out that they are allowing the future to control the present. James Adomian as MC
4 Assertive App May 7, 2015 Tom and Ben come up with an Assertive App using the existing materials of the "Sing-Like-A-Pro-App" they had created for Angela. Naturally she is not happy, but after Ginger takes over the garage with the Assertive App, the gang realizes that Angela's musical brain waves can stand up to the app, so she is the only one who can stop him.
5 Magnetic Ben June 18, 2015 Tom and Ben finally make it to the Kentossy Derby finals to overthrow Ginger and the Gardener and earn the rights to operate the neighborhood vending machine. But after the University uses Ben as a test subject, ben is shocked with magnetism, he can't compete. Colin Hanks as The Gardener
Tom Kenny as Male Scientist
Maria Bamford as Female Scientist
6 Angela's Scarf July 2, 2015 Angela is the Newcomer of the Year at the Scarf Spectacular Runway Necktacular. But after Tom makes a failed attempt to fit in and not embarrass Angela, and Autumn Summers makes him the Newcomer of the Year instead, he's got himself in a sticky situation. Greg Manwaring as Autumn Summers
7 Ben's High Score July 16, 2015 Hank defeats Ben in a Flappy Talking Tom game. So in order to prove Ben's better at it, The Barrage in the Garage is held down.
8 Strategic Hot Mess July 30, 2015 When Angela throws a tantrum at her concert, she becomes an internet sensation, but not for her singing. Dannah Phirman as Resident Women
Maria Bamford as Brenda Blake
Tom Kenny as Manager App
9 Man on the Moon August 13, 2015 It's the annual best friends camping trip for the gang, but this year is a little different. Ben is not happy when Tom invites Angela to come, and Hank invites Ginger. And this year there is an Ultramoon. At the camp, when no one seems to care about tradition, Ben heads off on his own and soon forms a relationship with the moon. Dannah Phirman as The Moon and Ben's Mom
10 Man on the Moon 2 October 8, 2015 Ben leaves the gang and heads off to the moon. Tom is not worried; now there is no one to say "no" to the Talking Tom-Tom update. But surprises await in the computer files. Dannah Phirman as The Moon and Ben's Mom
11 Hank the Millionaire October 15, 2015 Hank needs money to buy a hamburger, so Tom suggests that he uses CashKicker. However, Hank's got a problem when he makes a crazy promise. Brian Stack as Dr. Internet
Dannah Phirman as Mother and The Waitress
12 App-y Halloween! October 22, 2015 Ginger gets mad at the gang when they refuse to go Trick-or-treating with him. Afterwards, Ben uses his Total TV Immersion App to make this year's Scare-a-thon TV Marathon, so it seems like they are in the show.
13 Big Ben October 29, 2015 Ben can't understand why his jokes aren't making people laugh, so he creates the Gain-a-tron to make himself blow up like a blimp-and make his audience laugh. It works-but it's the wrong kind of laughter. Colin Hanks as Audeience Member
14 Think Hank November 5, 2015 Ginger gets mad at Hank when he won't allow him to watch Pajama Pals, so Ginger makes Hank believe he is imaginary. However, the prank backfires on Ginger. And makes Hank have to save him, but because Ginger said he was his imaginary friend, Ginger now has to tell the truth. Maria Bamford as Sitcom Actress
15 The Germinator November 12, 2015 Ben uses his Germ Positioning System to enlarge a germ so he can kill it, but the gang falls in love with it-except for Ben, who finds out that it is trying to make them sick. Josh Fadem as Jeremy the Germ
16 Hank the Director November 19, 2015 Every year for his birthday, Hank asks the gang to help him make an episode of Bongo and McGillicuddy, and this year they finally agree. But Hank gets a little carried away.
17 Glove Phone November 26, 2015 The gang waits for two days and three nights in line just to get a Glove Phone, only for them to sell out at the last minute. So after they learn that Ginger has one and won't share it, they sneak into his house to get it. Tom Kenny as Store Employee
Lisa Schwartz as Female Customer
18 Ping Pong Wizard December 3, 2015 Tom and friends have a flashback three years earlier when they got the Ping-Pong table-and Ben became obsessed with Ping-Pong. Dave Willis as Landlord
19 Doc Hank December 10, 2015 When Hank clicks on an ad and enters Doctor Internet Doctor's Online Medical School, Ben is convinced he's sick, and needs an operation. Brian Stack as Doctor Internet Doctor
20 Angela's Heckler December 17, 2015 It's not such a winter wonderland when Angela gets heckled off the stage, but no one knows who did it. After the gang accuses Tom, he's off to find the truth about who heckled Angela. Tom Kenny as Santa and Heckler App Voice
James Adomian as MC
21 Blanket Fort December 24, 2015 When Ginger and Hank build a fort, Tom & Ben & Angela all like it. But soon, things get out of control when olive oil is spilled on Ben. Once then, Ginger and Hank are now mistaken the three as trolls and get carried away with their fort building.
22 CEO in Trouble December 30, 2015 Tom and friends get a visit from the CEO. Brian Stack as CEO
Colin Hanks as Hold Music Singer
Maria Bamford as Tristan
23 The Perfect Roommate March 10, 2016 When Landlord comes to tell the four (Tom, Ben, Ginger and Hank) that there is a magma/lava filled volcano underneath their house, They are devastated and stay with Angela. Dave Willis as Landlord
Lisa Schwartz as Waitress
24 The Contest March 17, 2016 Tom challenges the friends to see who can last the longest without electronics after finding out there is only one ticket to Floppy Disk Island. But it gets out of hand when each friend is tricked into using an electronic.
25 Angela's Critic March 24, 2016 Angela has a critic review her new song "What's Not To Love" but finds out that she is a mean woman critic and doesn't want to sing again. Suzi Barrett as Victoria Payne
26 The Perfect Day March 31, 2016 When Ben creates a hat simulator the gang finds out that invisible hat aliens are coming when Tom gets a phone call from one. Brian Stack as CEO
Tom Kenny as Dagbar
27 Tom's Love Song April 7, 2016 The friends want to make some music. Tom can't remember the lyrics to the song, so he learns from Ginger's magic.
28 Ghost Pirate Hunting April 14, 2016 When Ben's sea captain simulator loads slowly, Ginger and Hank think that a ghost is coming after Tom tells them a story of one. James Adomian as Computer Voice
29 Tennis Kid April 21, 2016 Ginger signs up for the eight and under tennis tournament. Later, Hank won't make a move on his new Home Improvement game. James Adomian as MC
Maria Bamford as Tatiana
George Back as Darren
30 Every Girl's Dream April 28, 2016 When Angela watches the movie trailers or Get Down 2:The Uprising, she gets hyper. Later, Tom disgusies as an actor like Tanner Von Quads, But finds out that Angela is seriously attracted to Tanner Von Quads. James Adomian as Tanner Von Quads
Tom Kenny as Announcer
Lisa Schwartz as Rhonda the Waitress and Female Fan
Traci Stumpf as Ruby and Angry Girl
31 Lost Friend Will Zee May 5, 2016 When Wil Zee returns as a childhood friend of Tom's, he soon gets jealous. Brandon Johnson as Will Zee
32 Angela's Secret May 12, 2016 When Tom, Ben, Ginger and Hank hear a news about "the Banana Berry Thief", they think that Angela is the criminal and also battled with the mailman. Later, Hank narrates. James Adomian as Mailman
Tom Kenny as News Reporter
33 Jetpack Ninja May 19, 2016 After watching Kid Ninja with Hank, he teaches Ginger how to do ninja things. Later, it gets out of control and Hank must stop it when Ginger goes overboard and wants the jetpack. James Adomian as Sergio Baddington from Kid Ninja
Tom Kenny as Kid Ninja
34 Online Romance May 26, 2016 When Talking Tom gets addicted to a social media app there's more than just free milkshakes at stake. James Adomian as Fatalpy Voice
Dave Willis as Landlord
35 Friends Forever June 2, 2016 Angela gives Tom a friendship bracelet, but soon, everything backfires when Tom tries to take it off.
36 Daddy Ben June 9, 2016 When Ben finds a gadget, it comes alive, so Ben names it, becomes jealous, then doesn't know either to go with Tom or go with Boomerang (the gadget). Tom Kenny as Boomerang The Gadget
37 The Famous Monster June 16, 2016 A director signs Tom up for a commercial, but when Tom's face freezes quickly he thinks he can't do it. Tom Kenny as Announcer
Lisa Schwartz as Rhonda
Brian Huskey as Director
38 Heatwave June 23, 2016 When Landlord takes away all of the friends' right to coolness, Ben becomes a crazy person and controls the thermostat and the friends' right to warmness. James Adomian as Watermelon
Dave Willis as Landlord
39 Germinator 2: Zombies September 22, 2016 Jeremy the Germ is back for revenge. Will Talking Tom and the gang be able to stop the zombie germ apocalypse? Lisa Schwartz as Rhonda David Willis as Landlord Josh Fadem as Jeremy The Germ
40 Angela The Cheerleader September 29, 2016 With a career opportunity on one side and her friends on the other, Talking Angela tries to sing her way out of a basketball fan rivalry. Suzi Barret as Victoria Payne
41 Hank's New Job October 6, 2016 Talking Hank's new job starts to take all over his life. Will the gang help him to get back into what's important in life? Lisa Schwartz as Rhonda
42 Parallel Universe October 13, 2016 Tom get sucked into a parallel universe where his opposite goes to his universe. And while discovering things in the new world might be awesome, the normal universe friends have a plan up their head. Colin Hanks as Nerd Tom, James Adomian as Cool Ben, Tom Kenny as Pop-star Hank, Lisa Schwartz as Slacker Angela and Maria Bamford as Good Ginger.
43 Love Formula October 20, 2016 Talking Ben is over the moon when he bumps into a nerdy girl at the Grape Geek store. Is Ben destined to be alone, or will he play his cards right? Robin Reed as Xenon James Adomian as Bosniak and Mailman Tom Kenny as Announcer Maria Bamford as Female Scientist.

List of minisodes[edit]

# Title Date of Release Summary
1 Stop Copying Me February 5, 2015 Tom copies Hank.
2 Anti-social February 19, 2015 Tom makes a hypnotizing app.
3 Ben The Comedian March 19, 2015 Ben tries to be a comedian but the audience is laughing at his fails.
4 Super Vacuum April 2, 2015 While Hank has to look after Ginger, Ginger eats a sandwich, but Hank eats it and everything falls out from it.
5 Good Morning Tom April 16, 2015 Hank wakes Tom up from a dream.
6 There's an App for That September 3, 2015 Tom and Ben make the best plans for an app.
7 Hank's Bike September 17, 2015 Hank makes his mind-blowing custom ride ever. And Tom is doing some rapping.
8 Angela's Surprise February 4, 2016 Angela gets a surprise from her friends and forgets her cake.

Talking Tom and Friends Minis[edit]

# Title Date of Release Summary
1 The Big Move March 3, 2016 The friends get ready to move to an apartment.
2 A Rough Start March 17, 2016 The friends don't have a good morning as they planned.
3 Boy Meets Girl March 31, 2016 Tom wants to meet Angela outside, but must wait in the cold for her to get ready.
4 The Perfect Dress May 5, 2016 Angela orders a dress, but it seems to take forever.
5 Spring Date May 19, 2016 When Tom and Angela go for a picnic, the two have a strange day.
6 Part Time Job June 2, 2016 Talking Tom's job in the cafeteria is exhausting, but his friends come to visit him and cheer him up.
7 Camping Trip June 16, 2016 There's nothing better than time on the open road. Unless your car runs out of gas!
8 Fortune Cookies June 30, 2016 Talking Tom and Talking Angela get very different predictions from their fortune cookies.
9 Tom`s Sick Day July 14, 2016 Talking Angela's angry because Talking Tom stood her up for their date. But what would make him do that?
10 A Big Thank You July 28, 2016 Talking Tom's surprise to Talking Angela doesn't go according to plan.
11 Workout Time August 11, 2016
12 Tom's New Love August 25, 2016 Talking Tom loves his new game "Talking Tom Gold Run" but it means he doesn't pay enough attention to Talking Angela. Will she forgive him?
13 Diet Plan September 8, 2016 Talking Angela let's the evil bathroom scale make her think she needs to go on a diet.
14 Horror Movie Night September 15, 2016 Boo! Thinks get spooky at Talking Tom's house when the gang decides to watch a horror movie.
15 Love is in the Air September 22, 2016 When Talking Tom helps around the house, Talking Angela starts to notice his good looks. Does this mean she likes Tom!?
16 Summer Heat September 28, 2016 When a heatwave strikes, tempers and temperatures rise. But who's going to be the cool one?
17 Micro Tom October 6, 2016 Lighting strikes! Talking Tom should have know better than to go up on the roof during a storm...
18 Messy Guests October 13, 2016 Talking Angela's relaxing day off comes to an end with a visit from Talking Tom and the guys.


The My Talking Tom app won the award for "Best iPad Game: Kids, Education & Family" at the 2014 Tabby Awards, the global competition for the best tablet app.[20]

My Talking Tom was also voted the 2014 Tabby Award Users’ Choice favorite in two categories, "Best iPad Game: Kids, Education & Family" and "Best Android Game: Puzzle, Cards & Family".[21]

The Talking Tom and Talking Ben Talk Back plush toys won the Best Girls Licensed Toy award at the Australian Toy Association Awards in 2012.[22]

Licensing and merchandising[edit]

Talking Tom and Friends launched a range of interactive toys called Superstar in 2012. The plush toys talk and interact with multiple Talking Tom and Friends apps, as well as with each other, using an advanced voice recognition system.


Date Title Platform(s)
Android iOS Amazon Windows
2010 Talking Tom Yes Yes Yes Yes
2012 Talking Angela Yes Yes Yes Yes
2011 Talking Ben Yes Yes Yes Yes
2011 Talking Ginger Yes Yes Yes Yes
2011 Talking Tom 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes
2011 Talking Pierre Yes Yes Yes Yes
2011 Talking Tom and Ben News Yes Yes Yes No
2012 Tom's Love Letters Yes Yes Yes Yes
2012 Tom Loves Angela Yes Yes Yes No
2013 Talking Ginger 2 (Ginger's Birthday) Yes Yes Yes Yes
2013 My Talking Tom Yes Yes Yes Yes
2014 My Talking Angela Yes Yes Yes Yes
2015 Talking Tom Jetski Yes Yes No Yes
2015 Talking Tom Bubble Shooter Yes Yes Yes Yes
2016 Talking Tom Gold Run Yes Yes Yes Yes

Discontinuation of the apps[edit]

In the mid of 2014, 2015 and 2016, some Talking Tom and Friends apps have been discontinued and are no longer in app stores, they are:

  • Talking Larry
  • Talking Tom for Messenger
  • Talking Santa
  • Talking Santa meets Ginger
  • Talking Gina
  • Talking Friends Superstar
  • I Want to Be Big

Talking Tom Shorts[edit]

Talking Tom Shorts is a spin-off of Talking Tom and Friends. It first was released to YouTube on March 13, 2014.


Season Episodes
Season premiere Season finale
1 6 March 13, 2014 May 22, 2014
2 6 July 17, 2014 November 13, 2014
3 6 February 26, 2015 September 11, 2015
4 6 November 12, 2015 August 25, 2016
5 6 October 13, 2016 TBA

Season 1 (2014) & Special[edit]

# Episode Original airdate
1 Red Alert March 13, 2014
2 Whack-A-Mouse March 27, 2014
3 Aerobics April 10, 2014
4 Potions April 24, 2014
5 Lights Out May 8, 2014
6 Round 1 May 22, 2014
1-6 The Making Of Talking Tom Shorts July 17, 2014

Season 2 (2014) & Specials[edit]

# Episode Original airdate
7 Cans July 17, 2014
8 Flappy Tom August 1, 2014
9 Hat Troubles August 14, 2014
10 Be Serious! August 28, 2014
11 Makeover Madness September 11, 2014
12 Who's The Boss?! November 13, 2014
7-12 Making Of Talking Tom Shorts 2 December 19, 2014
1-12 Talking Tom (shorts 1-12) January 9, 2015

Season 3 (2015)[edit]

# Episode Original airdate
13 Cookie War February 26, 2015
14 My Turn! March 26, 2015
15 Operation Opera June 11, 2015
16 Bubble for Bubble August 6, 2015
17 Art of Packing August 27, 2015
18 Attack of the Bookworm September 11, 2015

Season 4 (2015–16) & Specials[edit]

# Episode Original airdate Summary
19 Super Suction November 12, 2015 Tom uses a suction cup in his bathroom making everything go inside it, even Tom. When Angela releases the items. She is mad at Tom for messing up the bathroom.
20 Hit The Road February 11, 2016 Tom and Angela hit the road and have to be careful of obstacles. However Tom and Angela are both laughing when their faces get messed up.
21 Helping Hand April 14, 2016 Tom and Angela are chased by the Hand when it goes overboard of giving them food. Luckily, Hank saves the day.
13-20 Talking Tom Marathon (shorts 13-21) February 25, 2016 A marathon of 8 shorts from the Talking Tom series.
13-21 The Making Of Talking Tom Shorts 3 April 28, 2016 Tom tells the making of the recent 8 shorts. These shorts are: Cookie War, My Turn!, Operation Opera, Art Of Packing, Attack Of The Bookworm, Super Suction, Hit The Road & Helping Hand.
Special Things My Talking Tom Dislikes May 19, 2016 New features added to the My Talking Tom app.
Special #2 Talking Tom's Brain-farts Series
22 Power Pirates May 26, 2016 Tom and Angela are pirates and they have a job to destroy each other. But suddenly, Hank comes in with a bomb on the train. And so Tom and Angela have to work together in order to destroy him.
23 Save Me! July 7, 2016 Angela is having a fun time dancing but Hank is getting in the way, so Angela tries to use various things to get rid of him.
24 Wake Up August 25, 2016 Angela doesn't want to get up, no matter what disturbs her.
25 Sticky Jellies October 13, 2016 Angela s making a cake for Tom, but things get sticky pretty quicky.

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