Tattoo the Earth

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Tattoo the Earth
Concert by Slipknot
LocationNorth America
Start dateJuly 14, 2000
End dateOctober 14, 2002
Slipknot concert chronology

Tattoo the Earth was a concert tour from 2000 to 2002 in the United States.[1] The tour, with part of it taking place during the summer, posed a challenge to Slipknot in particular. The band performed onstage in masks, and even under the best circumstances, they found them uncomfortable.[2] The band's drummer Joey Jordison commented, "Everyone passes out two or three times per tour. It never happens 'til the end of the show. People are like, 'I don't know how you do it with the mask on, let alone one-piece wool coveralls in 110 degree heat.' But it's the music that drives us, and we've built up a tolerance for it."[2] Scott Alderman, the festival's creator, believed that the tour would help "catch the vibe" between the musical artists and the body artists, saying in a prepared statement, "Nothing represents the counter youth culture like music and body art. It is a statement of purpose and a passport to another way of living. We're simply creating a venue where it can be expressed."[2]

MTV revealed on June 6, 2000 that Slayer and Sepultura recently joined the tour.[3] Metallica, which was originally not part of the tour, officially announced on June 13, 2000 that they would be joining it.[4] The following day, Stone Temple Pilots announced plans to join the tour.[5]

Tour dates[edit]


Date City Country Venue
First leg
July 15, 2000 Portland, Oregon United States Portland Meadows
July 18, 2000 Lawrence, Kansas Burcham Park
July 20, 2000 East Rutherford, New Jersey Giants Stadium
July 21, 2000 Scranton, Pennsylvania Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain
July 22, 2000 Boston, Massachusetts Suffolk Downs
July 24, 2000 Cleveland, Ohio Nautica Pavilion
July 26, 2000 Bridgeview, Illinois World Golf Dome
July 27, 2000 Des Moines, Iowa Waterworks Park
July 28, 2000 Somerset, Wisconsin Float Rite Park Amphitheater
July 29, 2000 Milwaukee, Wisconsin The Rave
July 30, 2000 Pontiac, Michigan Phoenix Plaza
August 2, 2000 San Antonio, Texas Far West
August 4, 2000 Mercedes, Texas Mercedes Showgrounds
August 5, 2000 Houston, Texas Pasadena Fairgrounds
August 6, 2000 Dallas, Texas Fair Park Coliseum
August 10, 2000 Morrison, Colorado Red Rocks Amphitheatre
August 12, 2000 San Bernardino, California Orange Pavilion
August 13, 2000 Phoenix, Arizona Manzanita Speedway
Second leg
October 5, 2001 Worcester, Massachusetts United States The Centrum
October 6, 2001
October 7, 2001
Third leg
August 2, 2002 Rosemont, Illinois United States Allstate Arena
August 3, 2002
August 4, 2002
August 9, 2002 Oakland, California Oakland Arena
August 10, 2002
August 11, 2002
October 12, 2002 Worcester, Massachusetts The Centrum
October 13, 2002
October 14, 2002


Thirty-four bands performed for the tour.[1]

Tattoo artists[edit]

Forty-two tattoo artists were featured at the tour.[1]


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