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Basic examples[edit]

  • Input parameter #1: À, single letter: {{Latin script|À}}

Adding the block "Letter X with diacritics"[edit]

  • When the parameter is "A" (or À: with or without diacritics), the block is added "Letter A with diacritics"
  • {{Latin script|A}}

Adding the block "Letters with diacritic ^"[edit]

  • When the parameter has a diacritic e.g. Â, the block "All letters with diacritic ^ (circumflex)" is shown.
  • When the parameter "show diacritic=" is set, that block will show: {{Latin script|A|show diacritic=grave}}
  • {{Latin script|A|show diacritic=circumflex}}

Adding the block "Pairs with Letter X"[edit]

  • When the parameter is a straight letter A-Z, the block with letter pairs is shown.
  • When the parameter show pairs=yes/no is set, the pairs will show/hide accordingly:

{{Latin script|À|show pairs=yes}}

More options[edit]

  • When the parameter show diacritic 2= is used, a second block of diacritics will be shown:
  • {{Latin script|A|show diacritic=grave|show diacritic 2=circumflex}}

Parameter list[edit]

The full parameter list:

{{Latin script
| show diacritic =
| show diacritic 2 =
| show letter = 
| show pairs = 

Input options are:

First, unnamed parameter: (default: the PAGENAME). The input where information is derived from: which basic A-Z letter, which diacritic is used?
show diacritic: (default: derived from first parameter). Which diacritic is shown: acute, hook, ... Also: if set to show diacritic=no the diacritic blok will not be shown at all.
show diacritic 2: Allows for the block of a second diacritic being shown.
show letter: (default: determined from input 1). Sets which block "Letter X with diacritics" is shown. Also: if set to show letter=no the diacritic blok will not be shown at all.
show pairs: (default:yes if input 1 = A-Z). If set to "yes", all pairs with basic input 1-letter are shown.

Editing the template[edit]

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