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This template focuses on how American Jews engage with the Jewish community in the United States and how they "do Jewish".

Given the sheer numbers of Jewish organizations in the United States, this template is not intended as a replacement to, or competitor with, the AJYB. (See AJYB Archives for more information.), but is instead more focused on major entities that American Jews are likely to interact with.

The template is designed as an aid to those seeking to understand the spectrum of major Jewish entities in the United States and the ways they are interconnected. As an interpretive guide, the template is not merely a rote listing, but offers nuance and an inherent sense of relative status among the entities. This can take into account:

  • year of establishment, particularly in the United States
  • membership/readership/audience numbers, both historical and current
  • impact, both as measured by scholars and in popular thought and press
  • similar roots among entities
  • status of parent/umbrella/other interconnected bodies
  • geographic links.


How to manage this template's collapsible groups/sections option
  • This template includes collapsible groups/sections. When it first appears, one of these groups/sections may be set to be visible ("expanded") while the others remain hidden ("collapsed") apart from their titlebars. To achieve this, include the parameter |name where name is one of the following names identifying the groups/sections (omit any speech or quote marks):
  • "Communal organizations", "Federal liasions", "Foreign assistance", "Israel policy", "Religious movements", "Youth groups", "Religious education", "College organizations", "Media", "Communal activities"
Note: When this template appears in an article, all its sections are collapsed unless one is set to be shown as above.

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How to manage this template's initial visibility
To manage this template's visibility when it first appears, add the parameter:

|state=collapsed to show the template in its collapsed state, i.e. hidden apart from its titlebar – e.g. {{Organized Jewish Life in the United States |state=collapsed}}
|state=expanded to show the template in its expanded state, i.e. fully visible – e.g. {{Organized Jewish Life in the United States |state=expanded}}
|state=autocollapse to show the template in its collapsed state but only if there is another template of the same type on the page – e.g. {{Organized Jewish Life in the United States |state=autocollapse}}

Unless set otherwise (see the |state= parameter in the template's code), the template's default state is autocollapse.