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Coordinates: 40°45′23″N 73°59′24″W / 40.7563°N 73.990108°W / 40.7563; -73.990108

Terminal Bar
LocationSE corner of 8th Avenue and 40th Street, New York City, New York, United States
OwnerMurray Goldman[1]

Terminal Bar was a bar on Times Square in New York City at 40th Street and 8th Avenue. It had a reputation as one of the roughest bars in the city and was located across from the Port Authority Bus Terminal.[2][3] Terminal Bar originally had a mainly Irish American clientele, but over time evolved into a predominantly African American and gay bar.[4]

The Terminal Bar was featured in the Martin Scorsese film Taxi Driver[5][6] and was the subject of an award-winning American documentary short film, Terminal Bar, directed by Stefan Nadelman[7] that used a combination of animation, live action and black-and-white photography of Terminal Bar's former patrons taken by the director's father, bartender Sheldon Nadelman, from 1972 to 1982.[8]

The Terminal Bar closed in 1982.[1]

Scorsese paid tribute again in 1985, featuring a pub called "The Terminal Bar" in his film After Hours. The Emerald Pub in SoHo stood in for the defunct Terminal.[9]

A collection of Sheldon Nadelman's Terminal Bar photos was released in book form in 2014 entitled, Terminal Bar: A Photographic Record of New York's Most Notorious Watering Hole.[10][11]

The area where the Terminal Bar formerly stood is now occupied by the headquarters of The New York Times.[10]


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