The Centre for the Study of Muslim-Jewish Relations

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The Woolf Institute, Wesley House

The Centre for Muslim Jewish Relations (CMJR), based at Wesley House in Cambridge, is dedicated to the study and teaching of Muslim-Jewish Relations and the promotion of interfaith dialogue.[1] CMJR operates under the auspices of The Woolf Institute as a sister institute of The Centre for Jewish-Christian Relations and is the first and only academic centre in Europe dedicated to fostering relations between Muslims and Jews through teaching, research and dialogue.[2]

As an academic institution CMJR strives to foster innovative scholarship of high standing and to delineate the comparative, theoretical and methodological profile of the field. By approaching Jewish-Muslim Relations through the multidisciplinary perspectives of history, religion, literature, politics, international relations, anthropology and philology, and by extending the geographical range to all those areas in which Jews and Muslims have lived and still live together, the various research projects of CMJR will illuminate not only Muslim-Jewish relations in the narrow sense, but many aspects of both Islamic and Jewish civilisation as well.[3]